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  1. Doesn't sound good. I'm getting the Megabus there, bargain 1!!
  2. I'll give you both of mine if you pay off my mortgage, car loan, credit card & the holiday
  3. Bumpety Bump! Anyone, i'll give them away to a good home!
  4. This Thursday, I just want face value for them, think it's 18 or something like that?
  5. 2 Front Row tickets. Anybody want them? Let Me know Cheers
  6. I was there on the 3rd aswell, was brilliant, the sound quality at the O2 was surprisingly great, roll on the boss!!
  7. You do realise you've spelt Chiefs wrong, right? However, more importantly, We Are Scientists are supporting
  8. Nice i'm going to this, been meaning to catch you guys for ages. Also, going to see you with the Research like a week later!
  9. When leaving the AECC last Novemeber drummer said "We'll see you next summer" which lets be honest could only mean that they were playing T in The Park 2007. So that would mean the weekend of T, they would play T and then Oxegen, however in 2007, they played Oxegen on Saturday, then on Sunday they had to play some Danish Festival which meant that the T line-up wasn't strong enough so they added a Friday night to make up for it. That was my understanding anyway?
  10. Muse. I'll eat my hat if it's not, however it still won't make me go to it
  11. On ebay right now there's pairs at buy it now for 75. I'm hoping to get myself one, for maybe about 30ish... Also, i've got a spare ticket for both Pigeon Detectives & Tha Manics, so maybe get a swap with someone. I was looking in the completed listings search thing on eBay, and tickets for there tiny shows in Glasgow last month were going for about 10 a pair, but we'll see, there 8 weeks for me to get my hands on one. If not, i'll just get a job at Moshulu
  12. Anyone got a spare? Worth a go.....
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