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  1. Ok . Having done your sound there a couple of times i'll comment. From a front of the house perspective your bass effects tend to be mismatched in level and also far too toppy when you kick in the distortion boxes so when im mixing you i always have to cut the treble and compress quite heavily, if you could spend some time matching your sound changes for level that would be good. . from a monitors perspective i guess you just have to ask for more or turn up the amp, theres only two of you after all. I cant speak for Flash as to the bass amp issue. Its a good bass amp and its matched to the cabinet. . taking your own and hooking it up leaves up worrying about your volume spikes popping the cab leaving us fucked. Try recording your pedal changes and see what you have to do in software to get them to sit evenly. . and then tweak until you dont have to do anything to get them to sit. This will also even out the sound through the monitors. Your loudspeaker that u use for the trippy announcements is another matter. . . pointing it at the snare mike is prob not the best idea. . it wont get through the gate unless it has new batteries
  2. For sale . . Soundtracs Topaz Project 8 32 Channel Mixing Desk with the optional meter bridge. Cost over 5k when they came out in the 90's. This is the board that used to sit in the Musical Vision control room by the way. Has 32 direct outs, 32 monitor channels, 8 buss . Balanced ins and outs. Phase and phantom switches on every channel. Has had the +4dbv mod on the tape channels. There's a few scratchy eq pots but everything is there and works fully. Comes with a bespoke power supply, manual and a mixer stand. It's pretty big, would suit a club or venue, or an analogue head! (this is an image from the net, but my board looks exactly the same) I love the board, it was great for running sessions, but space dictates it has to go . . 1,000 ono Please email me on andyphi1ip@hotmail.co.uk if your interested. Cheers.
  3. TC Electronics Triple C multiband compressor for sale, has missing trim around data wheel but this in no way affects its working or adjustment. This is a rackmount unit. They were 500 when they came out Looking for 100 ono please mail me on andyphi1ip@hotmail.co.uk if yer interested. Cheers
  4. I shall keep an eye out for ya . . Basterds
  5. Totally done to death. I sometimes go up to Toms for a jam myself when I get sick of the sight of this place. We both have the same sort of service there is no great debate here, at least if ya have to practice on a tue night because the drummer cant make it on any other night or summat . . you have 2 places to phone! Nuff said.
  6. Thanks for your kind words. I can quickly set up any pa in a any room to your requirements if you are having problems. Interesting as Brian is not a quiet singer . . sounds like a mike placement problem? I favour older amps as they are easier to fix compared to the thin pcbs on modern ones. I admit i dont like the peavey gtr amp or solid state marshall very much but i can get a useable sound out of either one. And some people like them and ask for them. The sessionette is brilliant provided you use the clean channel and a pedaI (especially if you hook up another cab). Same with the JC-120's .I try and keep the valve amps going but its hard due to the level of misuse they have to put up with. I put out what I can and try and fix the rest. Not everyone likes Marshalls. The drum kits . . yes very true they have issues from time to time. I spend a couple of grand a year on hardware alone. Ever wondered why every drumkit in every Aberdeen venue is a bit ratty? Because the people who use them don't own them and don't care how brutal they are adjusting them. I do the best i can given limited funds Hard walls and wooden floors? As opposed to what? Ones made of custard? There are sound dampening measures in place just because they are not expensive sculpted foam doesn't mean they don't do the job. All the rooms and bits of equipment are are someones favourite, dont see why i should make them all the same. I agree we should stock strings but we've had plectrums for ages . . but we are NOT a music retail store! Batteries sweeties and juice are available from Morrisons garage 100yds away at prices we couldn;t possibly compete with. Generally people manage to remember their equipment before they leave the house? and if you forgot your lead or strap theres usually ones lying about in the office . . I say usually because a whole lot of them get stolen . And there are sets of old strings in the office if you ask you'll get one gratis if you can find the right gauge. That'll be the locked office , automatically locked with a keycode everytime its closed because we have been robbed before. Please knock ? I find the locked in the office to smoke weed jibe very below the belt. We are building a reception desk at the moment as we realise it would be good to have someone at the front to meet and greet, I admit my associates are not very technically minded . . i have tried to address that issue but they, i'll admit , have not grasped the basic concepts yet. One is a jazz guitarist the other a brass player. As to the texting thing and the sheets, are YOU high? Its a studio. There's noise, there's recording sessions i cant afford to employ someone to sit by a phone 11 hours a day. Plus with texts i have a note of whats been agreed which makes sense to me. But i do answer the phone when i can.. Basically I'm doing the best I can given the resources available, I have met you and am a bit disappointed by the tone of your post. I hope i have answered your points and have tried to keep this to an acceptable tone, even though according to you i am lazy and half assed. Thanks for that. Onward and upward.
  7. You asked a large group of musicians (theirs at least 7 of them) some of whom music is their only income to give of their time for free, which they were willing to do, till circumstances made it impossible and so they cancelled on you with !2 whole weeks! to spare, within 48 hrs of giving you the ok. . . correct me if im wrong. Total pain in the arse I'm sure, but not such a big deal. The posters are still probably 75 per cent accurate. Not a good enough reason to recommend avoiding booking the band to all and sundry on this forum. Professional musicians are generally very poor, if you were one or ever had been one you would know. So on the one hand you are organising a charity gig, and on the other you want to make some of the lowest paid people in the city EVEN POORER! Take it on the chin and put some sticky labels on the posters with the name of the replacements like everyone else would have done
  8. My Tokai Loverock is a 1983. I found I got on with it better than the 2 custom shop Gibson LP's that I used at the time I acquired it. Its definitely a better guitar than all but the most tasty modern Gibson Les Paul Standards, and it took Gibson till 2001 to get their custom shop LP's as accurate in shape as the Tokai's . . the reason? Tokai sawed up a 1959 burst in the 80's and took measurements with micrometers, and then preceded to make EXACT copies, right down to the long neck tenons. My one is a cheapo Jap one with a 3 piece body, however the more expensive ones of the time were EXACT replicas, some even had braz boards! Billy Gibbons uses a loverock on tour (as he couldn't get adequate tour insurance for Pearly Gates!) Their pickups are excellent also. The new Korean ones are not made to the same standards . . but there will be nice ones. And the modern Japanese one they had in R+B music recently was spectacular. However you cant beat the old ones for mojo....check the link out Homepage japanguitars
  9. Its Gas Bill time again. For Sale Korg Wavestation EX Vector Synthesizer As used by Tony Banks (Genesis) / Gary Numan / Phil Collins / Hawkwind/ Depeche Mode + loads of others New Display Backlight fitted. In Flightcase With Keyboard Stand 175 If interested phone 07946854511 Cheers
  10. Aah but have you considered it could be one of the ecc83's going bad
  11. Think their about 600/700 new I got that one 2nd hand for 350. Its very loud for a 30 watter. A lot of people get confused by it cos the controls are on bottom at the back...which is a bit of a pain considering it gets used in a practice room. I initially found it a bit trebley but if ya back off the tone all the way to about 2 or 3 it starts to behave nicely. Cosmetically it still reminds me of an air con vent at an indian restaurant though...
  12. The twin seems to move about from room to room....will try and bung it in your room for next time so ya can check it out
  13. MV's amps Ok here is a list of all the guitar amps in common usage at Musical Vision...I reckon its a fair collection of quality guitar amplification..but don't take my word for it, do your own research. Harry Joyce custom 100 1972 Park Superlead (the time travel expermient gone wrong) Carlsbro 50 top 70's valve head Roland JC-120 combo x 2 Roland JC- 45 combo Sound City L120 70's valve heads x 2 marshall SLX 100 valve head marshall jcm900 50w valve combo Sessionette 75 combo Gibson Goldtone GA30 valve combo Roost Session Master valve combo Fender Twin Reverb valve combo Hiwatt SA212 Peavety Bandit (ok I loathe this one but it's Scottys and he wont let me burn it.) I would have no hesitation gigging any of these amps apart from the peavey. But some people like it and ask to use it..(yes even it!) We put out the best amps that are working properly at the time while we fix the others. They have a pretty hard life. Not all of these amps have a distortion channel...just like not all the customers play heavy metal. If you are gonna play heavy music take a pedal to be on the safe side. You can actually borrow one free of charge if you ask. As for PA's I do check them every day, although speakers can sometimes get blown during someone's practice...in which case I fix 'em as soon as I find out or set up a spare until I can get them repaired. As for double bookings they don't happen often..but my apologies when they do. I'm only a puny human. At very least I offer a substantial discount if you have to wait or a free practice on another day if I can't accomodate you. But hell maybe I'm doing something wrong..maybe I should sell off that old antiquated valve gear and buy 14 identical Marshall Valvestate heads with a distortion channel,...that would keep everyone happy surely?
  14. Musical Vision Yeah there are wooden floors all over musical vision, you need a degree in sound engineering to work out how to use the mixing desks and turn on the amplifiers and if you turn everything up to ear shattering volume the amplifiers all feed back and you cant get a good sound in the room.. lol
  15. No Quarter ... local Led Zeppelin tribute act play 2 hours of Led Zeppelin material at Drummonds this Friday..be there or be square
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