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  1. This is as far removed from Punk as Cliff Richard to be honest... Heres a better one... Rob Miller (soapy spike man at the start of the video) came out the other side of punk with a bit of dignity...and seems to have transformed into Christian Bale.. YouTube - Rob Miller Interview (Amebix)
  2. I've lost money every time I've jumped job, to the extent that people I helped get jobs now earn over 10k more than me.... IT is fucking shit...
  3. This sort of pathetic begging to see a girl naked is why sites like goatse.cx were created... "Sure dudes heres the link..." Would be sweet if Lucky Rathen had another classic lined up...
  4. I think that's why she's hiding her face, she'd never pull otherwise Not that I ventured into that site .... First one is quite cute though...
  5. Either that or they'll torch your flat the next time you're out...
  6. How much for the Ruts, Wire and Crisis 7 inchers?
  7. hey, wondering if anyone is into getting something on the go, bit of new wave rivavalist..... thinking Wire (circa 154, IBTABA) Killing Joke (circa Night time) U2 (circa Boy) 7 Seconds (circa Soulforce Revolution) ...uhm, thats about as much new wave as i listen to.. I play guitar and can do vocals...but it doesn't take long before my vocals scare off band members and audiences...need a solid rythym unit, someone who can do that big 80's drum sound...solid as a linn drum....and a bass player who can finger pick away some great riffs....maybe a vocallist too, but thats not as important at this stage as finding some good band members....just looking to make some noise just now, but it would have to be a serious band.....no gimmicks or irony or cheese....anyone?
  8. emergency72


    3 folk in CIA training, 2 guys and a woman. They're ready for their final test. One by one they enter the heads office. 1st guy goes in ..... "Congratulations, you've come far, theres just one final test...your wife is in the other room, I need you take this gun and shoot her dead" "No way man, no way, I love my wife, I can't do it, I WON'T do it sir!" "No problem, you done well, but you're not cut out for this job, collect your wife and vacate please" 2nd guy goes in ..... "Congratulations, you've come far, theres just one final test...your wife is in the other room, I need you take this gun and shoot her dead" He enters the room, looks her in the eye... "what..what is it?" she asks? "I, I, I...." he begins to shake and feels sick....he leaves the room "I can't do it sir, I love my wife, take this gun please" and he passes it to him, hands still shaking... "No problem, you done well, but you're not cut out for this job, collect your wife and vacate please" The woman goes in.... "Congratulations, you've come far, theres just one final test...your husband is in the other room, I need you take this gun and shoot him dead" She enters the room. As soon as the door closes there is a loud bang. Then another.....and another....and another.....and another... There is a pause of silence. Then there is repeated banging and the sound of someone in agony...the sound is banging and crashing away....the pain sounds more and more intense...the head steps into the room "What the hell is going on in here?!?!" he screams "You'll never believe it, the bullets were all blank so I had to bludgeon the bastard's face with the gun!" sorry for wasting your time
  9. You mean I wasted an evening writing that riff for you!?!
  10. Heh, he was one of my favourite simpsons characters...
  11. And the tooth fairy really brings you money if you leave money under your pillow....
  12. I'm sorry I can't afford to buy any of your basses...but I am wondering if you could post nice pics of them....thats porn to me! Nice beasts....I have the epiphone ripper...it looks the biz but sounds ass... We'll see how the lottery goes tomorrow mind...
  13. Surely Dee Dee King (aka dee dee ramone) is the worst attempt at rap ever...classic line "I'm a negro too..." o_O YouTube - DEE DEE KING / DEE DEE RAMONE - 'Funky Man'
  14. Keep it on topic, tell us what you were doing in the game!
  15. This'll be one of the muppets I think... Graeme H <Graeme97828> "just been in a motorbike crash in hospital just had a operaction on my four arm and knee cap GETTIN OOT 2MORO GDGD" Even has a photo galley dedicated to his great crash.
  16. Yet more reasons to love youtube Reasons to hate youtube YouTube - The Chameleons - The Fan and the Bellows (way to murder my fave song)
  17. Just bought it off ebay at a slightly inflated price. Whats the best it doesn't ever turn up
  18. I have sent an email....just looking for more info at this stage, but certainly sounds interesting from your reply above, many thanks!
  19. Maybe the parent couldn't get a babysitter! Although, I let my 7 year old kid play San Andreas....
  20. What sort of money are we talking? And how stable would the work be? I've longed to work offshore ever since the first time I stepped on a docked rig, but the opportunities just don't seem to come up very often and its hard to contemplate packing in a stable job (albeit one that pays peanuts) but bloody tempting
  21. I lost track of the amount of times i would switch to that channel and that song would be playing (and I'd instantly change the channel!) Its a strange one because theres something likeable about it, but its so damn annoying that i just can't stomach listening to it. (All those moonska bands seem to play a million different styles, and would throw in some ska guitar just to get on the label..."its ska....honest") Some of my faves were Goldfinger - Spokesman, Face to Face - Debt, Motion City Soundtrack - Throwdown, Hot Water Music - Paper thin, Guttermouth - End on 9, No use for a name - Soulmate, even that awful graveltrap song...
  22. I've just gone for the Stanton T.90 turntable. It's analogue/digital and USB. The cheap ION and Numark USB decks I find are on par quality wise with the record players you would find on those nasty all in one Bush hifi's (this is half the reason most people my age who never aspired to be a DJ hate vinyl as they've always heard it played on crappy stereos). I haven't fired up this stanton yet, it was a little more expensive (200 inc postage) but it just looks so much quality, and feels a lot more like a record player. I just need some records now
  23. That's pretty funny actually...as the people I know who are dying of cancer are the sort of people who would have never bothered their arses to getting round to applying for a smoking permit....what a pity!
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