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  1. I had fun at this gig! Almost as much fun as reading this thread! Aaaah..if only I had this much spare time! Cheers to Damer for the kind words..hope to see you at future gigs and fear not, we'll get something up on myspace soon, so people can judge us first and not come to the gigs at all! That is all...good gig to all who played and stuck around to watch ALL the bands and have a laugh.
  2. Read the text I sent about the same time you posted that! Seemingly times are being worked out tonight at soundcheck. Jam today 3-5
  3. Everyone - Let's just play a gig. You all know these line-ups and stage times get changed to beyond all recognition before the doors even open. It'll be fine. Steve - Yeah, Ablach (and sometimes Uncalm) have to get home to their mommies pretty early most nights cos of the buses so probably best to check with both of them. EVERYONE IN KCHGH - Jam is booked at Tom's for 3 - 5 on Sunday. Everyone has agreed so I'm not expecting any sicknotes this time - looking at you Mr Berry!
  4. Times? I need to get a train at about 21:40! But was going to try and catch some of this!
  5. Awesome gig tonight. Great turnout for a midweek show too! Cheers to everyone who played or came down. Yeah, static is the sound of our name...come see us on 23rd August at Drummonds again folks...plug plug...
  6. +1 to James' comment! Except I don't have a car...
  7. Ooooh..mixing the mini-disc in now as well, am I?! Damn you Rowlands! Haha! If I'd known you had your mini-disc would have got you to record us too!! Boo!
  8. Hi... Already posted, but I'm now reducing the price to 10 each for the 2 tickets I have for: Far (reformed and featuring Jonah Matranga) Wednesday 26th November (this Wednesday!) King Tuts Glasgow Seriously, I'm a huuuuge Far fan, have a tattoo, etc and if there was anyway I could go, I would, so if there's anyone out there that wants to go to this gig or can then I might even be nice and GIVE you the tickets. I'd rather someone go that'd appreciate it than the tickets going to waste...so, get in touch! Private message me or email : sidscott@me.com
  9. Riiiiight..obviously no lovers of Far out there? The gig's THIS Wednesday... I'll even take any sensible offers of 15-20 for both if there's any takers? Just don't want them going to a complete waste cos I can't go!! Anyone? ?(
  10. Sooo..lots of viewers.. Any takers?
  11. Due to work commitments, I am reluctantly selling 2 tickets to see the newly reformed emo/indie/rock godfathers Far (featuring Jonah Matranga and the original line-up! 2 x Far @ King Tuts Wednesday 26th November This is next Wednesday people! Tickets cost 34 including booking fee, etc. Will sell for 30. Pretty sure this gig will sell out if it hasn't already. Any queries gimme a shout on here or on sidscott@me.com
  12. Yeah, That was in my confirmation email too, but I read that as "You're tickets MAY not be with you until UP TO 5 days before the gig"..meaning they could be getting sent out already. Anybody else got anything?
  13. Has anyone who ordered tickets for this received their physical tickets or had any word when they will? Just wondered as I ordered almost a week ago and no sign despite the money coming out of my account! Thanks.
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