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  1. Is this still available? Tried the SRAS7 a few months back and really liked the fretless part, which I think is similar to the SRF700. Would be interested in trying it out.
  2. I seldom commit to a series, but I guzzled this in three sittings. It was tremendous.
  3. D'you think they could record a vocal take over a backing track done last July?
  4. Ashdown make some magic amps. Big range, braw, not too dear.
  5. Glans. Phoning your work,"I can't come in today, I have a swollen glans". The a will be lost on them.
  6. I Ithought that was you in the picture of the boy wi the nice shoes.
  7. I I mind Hugh Reed, was playing around Glasgow at the same time I was there. Turned up at one of our gigs with a pile of toast and started lobbing it about. Kerrayzeee.A couple of my favourite band names are Arab Strap and But Jim, Millions Will Die. I proposed Reacharound for an up-front hardcore gay disco outfit, but sadly no takers. So to speak.
  8. Ron Cocker

    Your bets

    I got a sevenfold up during the Olympics, athletics is the only sport I know about. Didn't pay out due to the women's shot result. My girl Adams got gold, but she was pipped by a fat junkie batwanger who managed to lumber to the podium and fuck me over before she got rumbled. Shitehawk.
  9. Five strings aren't gay. They're bi-curious. If you want to really come out, you play a fucking 6er.
  10. Sorted then, I'll do the percussion an' all.
  11. Could be, what kind of stuff? I saw a Classic Rock ad you put up, not quite me.
  12. Telt Brian Cant a joke in Blackpool Pleasure Beach, got on Playaway. Got a copy of Imajica signed by Buster Bloodvessel when supporting Bad Manners in the Cathouse. Stayed next door to John Malkovich at a hotel in Paris.
  13. This one has a lovely slide guitar solo.
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