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  1. Room available in 4 bedroom house from beginning of March (possibly end of Feb if required) until the end of June. You would be sharing with 3 guys; two students and a professional worker. Flat located on Leslie Road so an ideal location for both Aberdeen Uni and Foresterhill. Any questions, just ask away
  2. jukeboxandy

    slang jokes

    What's the difference between The Rolling Stones and an Aberdeen sheep farmer? The Rolling Stones say: "Hey you, get off of my cloud." And an Aberdeen sheep farmer says: "Hey McLeod, get off of ma ewe."
  3. I just got two tickets for my sister from the West enterance at AECC, it didn't seem too busy there. They still had Saturday and Sunday tickets 10 minutes ago....
  4. Christ, Celine's rock posturing may even beat Delia's "lets be having you" fiasco in the cringeworthy rankings!
  5. Band: Group Therapy Album: Overnight Delivery 1. Heaven Knows 2. Saint George Catholic Church in Waimanalo 3. Ku-ring-gai 4. Mari Morrow 5. Nordtrafikk 6. HMS Zest 7. Manuel Guerrero 8. Warham 9. Ackerman Syndrome 10. Parliament of the World's Religions 11. Cedar Crest CDP 12. Chateau de Commarque 13. Here Comes the Groom 14. Merry Christmas 15. Chinese People in Italy Started well with band and album name, before descending into prog territory. Could hardly believe track 14
  6. There's a guy I know in Glasgow who plays a bit of digeriedoo, he might be able to point you in the right direction......MySpace.com - JOHNNY DREDD - Glasgow, UK - Surf / Roots Music / Jungle - www.myspace.com/johnnydredd
  7. Just waiting for the Evening Express to do a "stop the rain" campaign now.....
  8. Still available, she says she'll sell the pair for 110 now.....
  9. My sister has two Saturday TITP tickets but has slight problem of being in LA at the time, 140 for the pair to anyone who wants them (what they cost her), can deliver in city. PM me if interestd. Cheers folks
  10. Nah, a windfarm takes between 6 to 10 months to payback the energy to construct them depending on how remote the site is, how windy, capacity etc etc. Glad to see all the wise people haven't brought the old "oh we'll kill all the birds" pish into the debate.
  11. Perhaps you could post the logs from your scans at link below, they helped me out. They're basically volunteers who try and give you instructions on how to get rid of viruses via a forum where you post the logs from various scans. They ask you to download a program called hijackthis (there's instructions on the site where to get it and stuff) and they can analyse the logs and give you instructions etc how to solve problem. A word of warning though, apparently hijackthis is pretty powerful so you shouldn't delete anything with it til you get the logs checked by someone on the forum. SWI Forums (Powered by Invision Power Board)
  12. Apparently Dirty Needles and few other bands playin in a AC/DC, Thin Lizzy tribute night. Never heard o them or the other bands. Are they worth goin to see?
  13. Angus Young when he does The Jack live!
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