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  1. Hello all, Can anyone tell me when the next Northern Soul night is happening, if at all? I know they used to be on at the Belmont Social Club, is this still happening? Thanks
  2. Last day of work before a week in Tenerife. YAS.
  3. When did this site change? It's been months since I've been on (bloody Sky and their shite internet) and its all rather different!!
  4. Same. No management around all day - belter.
  5. My pet hate of today is the jobsworth bitch at my work who feels it necessary to point out trivial bullshit at any given opportunity. I made the fatal mistake today of putting a paper towel in the bin, only to have her launch herself across the room at me - 'thats not a bin, thats for plastic only'. Is that so? Well in that case, why not put a FUCKING notice beside it to let people know? Its your bog-standard kitchen bin, how the fuck should I know?! Arsehole. Also, this fucking rain has made my hair go frizzy and has soaked my trousers up to my knees. I'm in a cunt of a bad mood already
  6. I feel your pain, this happens to me on a daily basis at work. They usually start talking FAR too loudly into the phone as well once they've realised you've answered. Arseholes. Also, those 'this is a recorded message, please do not hang up' calls that we seem to get at least 5 times a day. Fuck. OFF.
  7. Having 'sneeze-face'. You know, when you've got a cold, and feel like you're about to sneeze, but the feeling lasts all day. A good look, especially at work.
  8. Aaah, Dreamphone!! Forgot that game even existed!! Amazing John, are you thinking of Ghost Castle?
  9. Excellent choice. Though I won't be visiting him again til the bottle is finished. Could maybe throw in a stylish medallion or sovereign ring for added effect.
  10. Ha! I can't be arsed racking my brain trying to think of something a bit different from the usual christmas shite that he'll like. He's getting some cheap aftershave and novelty socks, and he'll fucking well like it.
  11. If anyone has good Dad-present ideas, please let me know - its impossible to get my dad something! He doesn't like DVDs because he doesn't see the point of watching the same film twice ?(, CDs are a no-go because when I asked what music he's into at the moment I got a 'hmmm, da ken, bit o athin really'. He doesn't really drink in the house, so a nice bottle of something would be a bit of a waste. Bah. Help!
  12. Moving into my new flat in a week and a half. It's closer to work, which means extra time in bed in the morning - definitely ace-ic!
  13. Bahaha. Thats a favourite with the over 70's. 'Oooh, that big Tesco's is right mod-ren, in't it?'
  14. Either that or he'll shit out his own teeth.........
  15. Fucking Sage Line 500. I can't get any work done because it keeps crashing, and people keep nipping my head because said work isn't done. Mothercunt.
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