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  1. Bump, this is now for sale again. Still the same condition but requires 3 power valves replaced. I should still have 3 spare ones kicking about. If I can find them I'm looking for 800. If I can't then 700 as a matched triplet is about 90. Post in here or PM if you want it.
  2. Is it a Sprinter or a Vito? If it's a sprinter then this may help A guide to your Mercedes Sprinter rental van in Dublin - Part 1 This may even help if it's a Vito, can't imagine it would be overly different.
  3. Take 10 Million or so to buy my dream cars and make them perfect, another 5 on a bitchin' house, give about 5 to my family, possibly a further 5 to good causes. The rest goes into a high interest savings account which pays out the interest annually for me to live off of.
  4. It's all about the BODMAS, BODMAS and FOIL.
  5. Mark is such a shit mate...
  6. I may or may not have been with James...
  7. JohnW, this afternoon, in The Moorings.
  8. QFT, they should just sign Juan "The absolute boy because he is a hero for me in FIFA" Mata and be done with it. EDIT: and because he does this to Raul Albiol
  9. I am selling a 2x10 Gallien Krueger bass cab. It was originally part of a 700rbii/210 combo but the head has since been removed. The cab is essentially a Gallien Krueger 210 RBH with an extra compartment on top for housing the head. Good points: Works and sounds fine No cosmetic damage to speak of Bad points: Possibly looks a bit strange with the compartment for the head. Only has a speakon connector coming out of it with limited length on the cable, if you can make cables or get on attached to this, it wouldn't be a problem. This is the cab (for specs): Gallien krueger 210 RBH and this is what originally looked like, so imagine this without the head: http://www.electromusic.co.uk/images/D/700RB-210%20left%20G.jpg Looking for 220.
  10. People who spell definitely like they've only ever heard the word pronounced by a weegie. Definately gets on my tits, big time. Not only the spelling but that pronunciation, as does the weegie way of saying number one, "numbert wan", fuck off.
  11. Anyone got any old BMX's kicking about that they wouldn't mind giving up to a uni project group? Also required is box section (steel or aluminium) and any bike wheels, bearings or cranks that you may have kicking about.
  12. He said that about a female referees assistant, what got leaked was him asking a female colleague to put her hand on his cock (more or less). Then Richard Keys was sacked for going on about "smashing" Louise Redknapp I think?
  13. Which Way Now | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos You can find more about us here.
  14. It's just a scratch plate he's selling mind, not a HSS strat guitar. 5 is still a good price though, good luck with the sale!
  15. I work at a petrol station so get this all the time. It isn't as if petrol pumps have a row of ?'s on them so it's a mystery how much it's going to cost. No, I am not afraid of asking you for money which you need to give me for products you have taken, now just pay for your stuff and wheesht. The other one which annoys me just now is people who have a moan to me about petrol prices, I agree that it is stupidly expensive, but most people don't seem to understand that about 75% of the price of fuel is pure tax, they are adamant that I am lining my pockets.
  16. Roysters, Bacon Fries and any of the new(ish) Mackie's crisps are the kings of the crisp world. I'm fairly partial to a Quaver or Wotsit as well though. Crisps are ace.
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