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  1. When I used to work at the petrol station and ID young 'uns for fags etc, I felt massively old when their Passport or whatever said they were born in 1993 and that was long ago enough for them to be allowed stuff like booze and fags, I was still 18 in my head. The fact that Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory came out more than a decade ago screws with my head too. I also cannot stand nightclubs where the music volume inhibits conversation, far happier in a quiet pub with a seat and a pint. I'm 23 going on 53 it would seem...

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  2. Mackie must be punted on, he's been riding on 2 or 3 important goals for 4 years now and has done literally NOTHING of worth since. I like the guy, he's hard working and would clearly die for Aberdeen, but he just is not good at football. There was one point on Wednesday night when Milsom had possession running across the edge of the D and Mackie made a run into space in the box, Milsom seemed to clock that his option was Mackie and elected not to play it to him. I've a feeling that if it was Vernon in that space, then he would have passed and we would have had a half decent chance. You can't have a striker in your team who midfielders don't want to play the ball to in the box, that's just shit.

  3. It wont be long before every ground in the premiership is named after some corporation, like it or not. And the fact that it's happening to Newcastle is no worse than it happening to any other team.

    It probably will spread to many other teams. The issue here really is that a traditional stadium is being re-named for money. That's pretty rough. It isn't like when Arsenal left Highbury and moved to a new build that was named after a company, and may well be renamed depending on future sponsorship, St James' Park is a historic ground. It would be like Barcelona suddenly calling the Camp Nou the Stadio Telefonica. It's not going to go down well with fans.

    It isn't so much the fact that Newcastle United's home games will be at the Sports Direct Arena (or whatever it is being called), it's the fact that they will still be at St James Park but with a silly name.

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  4. Just a bit of info for folks, our (Which Way Now) rhythm guitar player Dave Taylor was involved in a serious car accident a couple of weeks back. Thankfully he'll make a full recovery but he's going to be out of action for a while. However we are not going to be pulling out of this gig but instead will have Arran Christie (Ex-Abdysma, Akord) deputising in for Dave. I'd like to point out that due to what's happened, this will likely be the last gig we play for a year or so depending on how long Dave takes to heal. So if you want to catch us anytime soon, head down Moorings way on the 24th :).

  5. Just to confirm that I can't seem to find the spare power valves I had for this. As I said earlier, I expect it is just one triplet it needs as the other was replaced last March. The set that I think has gone is 3.5 years old, so it should just be a case of getting 3 new 6550's (about 80-90 in total) and getting them fitted. This means that you probably won't be able to try the amp before buying it, but then if you're in the market for this kind of thing, you know what you're getting. Therefore the price is 650.

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