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  1. This annoying habit i've formed where I look at Facebook first thing in the morning before I get out of bed. Puts me in a right bad mood yet I can't seem to stop, it's like I've associated facebook with waking up. I hardly check it throughout the day.

    There's always something on there to annoy me - today it was people debating the Scotland fan in the Uruguay crowd. People bringing politics into it and then Rangers/Celtic, then an english guy wading in with some awful 'banter' about scottish people being scum, then the backlash, then the 'i was only joking', then the 'where's the dislike button'... most people should not be allowed to use a keyboard.

    Oh fuck yes. It's especially depressing now that I've hidden about 80% of my aquaintances. There's practically nothing on there, yet I still idly scroll down the wall before hurtling out of bed to greet the morning.

  2. Aye, a lot of it seemed really rushed. Seems like some stuff might have been cut out - The Hound bumming about on a hill 10 miles away from the gate with Arya, waiting to be dispatched for being a cheeky shite seemed especially lazy. Especially with him being developed into a more sympathetic character.

    Maybe it was a theme that all the deaths were a bit pathetic... Tywin dies on the toilet, Bran's pal gets casually stabbed by a dismembered skeleton arm and the Hound is left to expire after falling off a cliff. I dunno, it just felt a bit 'it's the end of the season, time to kill a bunch of big people off in the same episode'.

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