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  1. I was going to get into it, I got a book and everything, before having a baby forced me to put it on hold for a while buuuuut I'm also moving to a bigger place later in the year so I'll probably give it a go once I'm settled in there.


    Let's do it man.  Team big hoose.


  2. Dabbled in it a couple of times, results were ok, nothing special.  Because I only used kits/premixed wort I am left with the sneaky suspicion that there's not that much bragging rights in following instructions.  Time and effort for passable results versus could have got something probably tastier from the shop.  Haven't done one this year yet, and didn't even finish drinking the last one I made.  I think that means I've informally quit.



    Tried it a few times, using the ready made wort in a tin and don't think I got a single batch which was worth the wait.  Even tried pimping it out with better quality ingredients and dry hopping but still tasted like yeasty vomit.


    If you have the patience to persist, or if you can do the whole process including making your own wort from scratch, then you might have better results.  I decided I had enough hobbies to waste time on and nothing I made was going to be as good or varied as the beer I can buy from the shop.


    The best use I got out my homebrew was for killing slugs.


    What kinda brews did you guys go for?  I wonder if something strongly flavoured like a porter would be more forgiving to get my eye in without winding up with 40 pints of swill and heartbreak.

  3. Anyone do it on here? Moving into a bigger flat this month and I'm keen to get some quality gutrot on the go without breaking the bank. Any kits anyone would recommend? Anyone want to share their past glories/shameful failures?

  4. Not sure if relevant, - and it may have changed since I left - but the Ab U English lit course is very much geared towards literary study from a critical perspective as opposed to creating your own literature.  More of an expensive book club than an expensive writers' retreat.

  5. Im not sure about letting the wood breath. Sounds like pish though. The only reason for someone French polishing a guitar as opposed to using a specialised varnish is that its cheap to do and someone such as yourself might go for it because it sounds like an artisan technique.

    I didn't really expect you to take it on board anyway. Enjoy your guitars fragile, misleadingly fancy sounding finish.

  6. That all sounds really great, except the French polish - a shellac finish will be too thin. Looks good on a cabinet, but will start to look like shit pretty quickly on an instrument. Only advantage is that it's a cheap process, but it won't give your guitar much protection. Get the guy to varnish it, or keep him on retainer to touch up all the scratches.

  7. I just watched the first one. I really want to think that Grohl had the best of intentions, but the songs are weeeell shite, and the ready steady cook approach to songwriting was really grim. Those lyrics.

    Even if I wasn't being cynical and seeing the studios around America thing as an expensive advert for a pish album-by-numbers, it seems like a mega waste to go to a bunch of cool spaces and just have Butch Vig pro-tools everything in the control room.

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