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  1. at my next gig i'm going to get a wig of long dirty hair that hangs over the whole of my head, a really shit baggy t-shirt of some really bad death metal band and play constantly hunched over trying to look angsty. mendeed rule.
  2. That is truly horrific...umm...i don't know what to say other than how can anyone enjoy that. It's just pointless noise. what an awful waste of a decent name.
  3. stayover, aberdeen's answer to dashboard confessional.
  4. What I'd like to know is why so many people who are into the promotional side of music have such a lack of experience in either management or marketing. Companies who want to promote a product don't hire randoms off the street who have a 'keen interest' in the subject matter, they hire trained PR people who know what their saying. Now I'm not throwing daggers into the wind with a blindfold on, I'm probably wrong. Sometimes experience and contacts are better than actual training, but it does suprise me why venues are willing to allow people who are only really bothered in treating it like a past-time when its as important a part of the business side of things as say an accountant. Also i always thought a bunch of posters ,some sticky substance (not male reproductive fluid), a brush and a car were all you needed to do postering properly. It's not as if the chances of getting caught are that high and there's only so many posters the council can be bothered washing off before realising they'd be better providing a suitable location for this activity.
  5. Actually Arcade Fire would be ace as well
  6. Atreyu, Underoath, Billy Talent, Silverstein, We are scientists, The Ataris, Panic! at the disco. I think all are available around the beginning of May...i think.
  7. btw I have nothing against my minds weapon i would in fact love for them to make it and go as far as it is possible for them to go. But Jamesy's current attitude towards people who won't get him where he wants to go, which is basically to treat them like their inferior, pretty much sucks. And that's a shame because i used to really like the guy.
  8. he writes like the presenter of brasseye speaks, thats amazing.
  9. i seem to understand the basic principles of international law, the relationship of the diffrent structures of the european community, the effect of state courts on international law and a whole heap of other bumf related to mind-numbing yet intrinsically complicated topics of law, yet your one sentence response stumped me. I do have to say though it must take heaps of brains to do what you do. yet saying that you can't be overly brainy cos you still haven't seemed to work out how to get a record contract...um. p.s why is it that the other members of your band are nice guys yet you've turned into an arrogant shit. Bring back the old Jamesy.
  10. i'm guessing from your failed attempt to be smart that the point is to make life hectic? I don't see what this will achieve but, you know...go for it, follow your dreams!
  11. fair enough, i had just come out of an exam and have another one at 3 so i'm jus pissed off and wanted to rant about something. Your right it will bring in a crowd. Aren't you playing rapturefest the next day...hectic.
  12. what is it with the tunnels and their random 'lets pick the bands out of a hat' line-ups. Or maybe it was a bit of a 'who can i get to support this gig? Ah fuck it i like the band so me and my mates from glasgow will do it'. Oh well at least flood of red are decent.
  13. Tonight the night...support from 25th is not an option* and another band but i forget who. *www.myspace.com/25thisnotanoptionrock
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