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  1. Thnk you all very much for your attendance at the Dirty Hearts Clubbie on Thorsday. We love playing for folks and we hope you enjoyed oor wee show of love.
  2. RescueParty will be supporting The Hedrons on this date. www.thehedrons.com www.myspace.com/rescuepartyonline
  3. Ooooh it's our first gig with our new Party member Nick!!! Should be a good one!!! Heard a lot about Cord!! Were they not in The Fly magazine?
  4. With the imminent implementation of the Scottish Smoking Ban, how do you feel it will affect the local aberdeen music scene? (10 Marks)
  5. Get yourselves down to Kef this Friday(20th Jan) and check this out. Kill The Young are feckin quality!!
  6. Cool line-up mate!! Heard alot about The Vandelays & The Beard (all good of course) so can't wait for this one!!!
  7. We will have some free CD's for the first 20 people through the door!! A bargain at half the price www.myspace.com/rescuepartyonline
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