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  1. and finally ...some thomas traux from the recent tunnels gig i unfortunately missed Mr Milne's set...next time!
  2. had to compress this tae fuck, afore my broadband would upload at a reasonable speed. will post higher resolution next week. but aye, i digress...great night all round. have some nice TT video also... but alan's set sounded superb..
  3. thoroughly enjoyed the night. tune-yards were just fab. here's a bit o vid from the night.
  4. sorry for the lateness and fairly shoddy editing (my PC went wonky after a Bill Gate update) but here's a clip of the UTG Gig on Saturday 27th Feb:- please feel free to forward on the link and embed as may be pertinent. A hearty thanks to Mike @ IMP for organising! Bravo!
  5. i redid the video for the 1st encore. this one is higher quality/resolution. (anyone got a track name. I initially thought it was a Bob Dylan cover) and here's the 2nd encore "Singing Joy to the World" of thier new lp.
  6. Fruit Bats - video Fruit Bats video - 1st encore YouTube - trippinflags's Channel Top notch stuff, really enjoyed that gig.
  7. JG&tS Video Agreed. Kathy Ray was superb. I've not yet got that on youtube..maybe tomorrow. But here's some footage "Johan was a Painter and an Arsonist". YouTube - joe gideon and the shark johan was a painter and an arsonist II Really really excellent gig all round. I missed Amy Sawers (shall def. try my best to catch you next time) Tupelo Town Assembly were really good. BUT - JG & the Shark were just fookin' amazing. Best gig for ages. I liked Joe's vocal delivery - it reminded me of Hugh Cornwell's style. He kind of speaks some of the lyrics in a laconic drawl and I really liked the dark humour within the some of the songs. The lyrics were crystal clear (top marks mr soundman) and their narrative-driven style drew me into the songs. For a 2-piece they generated a tremendous sound. Pretty hypnotic / powerful stuff. And the drumming/percussion was a real joy to watch, as was the tinkering of looping techniques and the keys etc etc.. Easily the best 6.00 i've spent in ages.. IMP pull of another top gig.
  8. nice review.. Fay Fife looks remarkably good for her age. Saw Jo Callis last night on Top of the Pops 2 playing synth for the Human League on Don't You Want Me. Anyhoo - here's a clip from the Aberdeen gig:- YouTube - rezillos - top of the pops
  9. Caribou video Caribou's encore - its a long money shot but the goo starts at the 7 minute mark.
  10. stars of the lid - video youtube's 10 minute max rule meant this one got cut short :
  11. Magik Markers - IMP/triptych/tunnels video ...and here's some footage of M M's. Youtube have a 10 minute max rule and so i've missed out about 4 minutes of the start of this piece.
  12. Human Bell - Tunnels Here's one song from Human Bell's set from the Tunnel gig
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