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  1. Hi folks, For those that are interested, two new songs have replaced MLK and Cracking at www.myspace.com/rossbuchan. These are 'Concrete' (a pop/electronica tune) and 'Drowning in the future' (a prog rock tune as protentious as the name suggests ). Comments/criticisms welcome! Regards, Ross
  2. Yo! Shameless promo I know but thinking of changing tracks around on www.myspace.com/rossbuchan so if you wanna here the following tracks: MLK - A beatsy, politically-charged persian-sounding odyssey or Tone - A folky bluesy pop rant at women messing with yer emotions or Why do you do this - A fragile piano ballad..um never sounds like a good sell does it, but check it out - it's good honest! or Cracking - for when times are gettin' ya down,this will just make you feel worse. How can you resist such enticing, interesting sounding tunes?! Would love feedback, and someone out there need for gigs - let me know! Cheers, Ross
  3. Hi there, If anyone's interested, please check out the following links for songs that will feature on my upcoming solo release: http://www.mixposure.com/song.php?songid=16520 http://www.mixposure.com/song.php?songid=16521 (can leave reviews here too) http://www.isound.com/music/ross_buchan/ http://www.myspace.com/rossbuchan Comments good and bad welcome. Cheers, Ross
  4. Hello there Aberdeen, My name is Ross Buchan, I used to front a band called Undertow (and Cedar Rose although I less readily admit that as the name was rather gay). Anyway, I'm a solo-artist now don't you know, and I've got an album (already recorded, waiting for artwork + production) coming out very soon. Check out www.isound.com/biography/ross_buchan/ for an idea of my stuff - comments welcome. Also keen to start gigging near end of october onwards so anyone who needs a support act/heckle fodder/etc just let me know. Cheers, Ross
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