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  1. bella union and saddle creek for me, pretty much near perfection
  2. hey our band urgently need a bassist, we have lots of songs written and all thats missing is bass! our influences include smiths, flaming lips, arcade fire, bowie, magnetic fields, bright eyes etc................................................
  3. Cool, what is it you play?
  4. hey, been trying to get new band together for ages now but not having too much luck. At the moment we have vocals/guitar, drums and potentially another guitarist. We are looking for a bass player and keyboard player and also anyone who plays any other sort of instrument and who likes any of the following bands, would love to hear from you too; Arcade Fire, Belle and Sebastian, Smiths, Libertines, Cure, The Dears, Cocteau Twins, Pavement,Talking Heads, Magnetic Fields, Shout out Louds, Teenage Fanclub, Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley etc...... We would be trying to practice as much as possible, just basically trying to make pop music with a twist
  5. Just started a new band and we are looking for a keyboard player. We have got alot of songs and would be looking to rehearse twice a week. Influences include Smiths, Belle and Sebastian, Arcade Fire, Magnetic Fields, Dears, Elliot Smith, Bright Eyes....... Also if there is anyone else who plays anything who would be interested then send a pm as we are looking lots of different instruments in the band Cheers
  6. Hey We are a new band based in aberdeen. At the moment we have singer/guitarist/bassist/drummer but are looking for a keyboard player to complete line up. Inf include Arcade Fire, Belle and Sebastian, Magnetic Fields, The Cure, Bright Eyes..... If interested send me a pm cheers
  7. Hi looking for a bassist and drummer to start new band with. Into Joy Division, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Strokes, Arcade Fire, Interpol and stuff like that. I sing and play guitar. Probably looking to record sometime and play gigs. If interested send me a P.M, cheers
  8. duke spirit i don't mean to be an idiot and i certainly would never try and influence what people listen to. I get enough grief for the bands that i listen to but i was just refering to the fact that the duke spirit have a tendency to slag off any band they feel like. The fact that you didn't stick around to see them must reflect on what they are like
  9. great album It's really hard to unravell the whole great album mystery. Who can possibly have the right credentials or CV to really say what can or not be called a great album. Surely the individual involved can decide whether he or she thinks its a great album. I would say i have a pretty weird musical taste that some would find hard to bear. I tend to prefer the whole 'I'm going to slit my wrists, however before hand i might write a song' approach to music. Some hate it. It doesn't change what I like. It doesn't make the Cure or Interpol think 'Ok lets write a song about about children playing around and making daisy chains, i don't want to be dark anymore!' It's all about taste. Magazines who say such and such album is the best ever are bullshitting. How can you ever decide, it's an impossibility! Until people all love the same music it's never gonna happen so let's thank God that we all disagree!
  10. duke spirit Nearly as good as loosing an eye in a bet you really should have won, all your friends said you couldn't lose! Now you are a cyclops for listening to those dirty dregs the Duke Spirit, lessons learned: 1:Don't listen to shit bands
  11. bizarrley attracted to Eamon Holmes, sexual, my morning glory would not be the same with out a slice of warm Eamon Holmes. The Queen Mum, if you put her in the microwave she is warm again. Emu, far better without Rod Hull at least you can insert your hand into his bum. Clarissa Dickson Wright, arse like a bus fucks like a gondola. Abi Titmuss, i know shes fat but slip her a tenner and she'll suck your liver out of your Penis.
  12. favorite local band Rescue Party. Thoroughly decent guys with good influences. Sexy as fuck drummer too
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