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  1. If anyone has a spare taking back sunday ticket for barrowlands 26th may then please let me know. thanks! x
  2. Broken Sunshine are playing their EP launch this friday (23rd) at Kef. Doors are open at 7pm and tickets are 4.50. The other bands are: Stayover Eric Euan The Boring Ending Enrapture. Come along, dance, sing...buy a cd...it will be AMAZING!
  3. I had to start a new account cos some tit didn't sort out two items on my account and now i have two unresolved alerts.. Just get a new e-mail address and re-register.
  4. I agree that myspace is a really good thing for bands to use. however it's also very addictive otherwise as well. I go through phases...sometimes i'm addicted - sometimes I want to destroy it. Not very healthy relationship all in all.
  5. recently i have purchased: thrice - vheissu (spelling?!) rise against - siren song of the counter culture silverstein - Discovering the waterfront All awesome!
  6. yeah i saw it on more4 a while ago - it's really good. i've never really understood why his climbing buddy got so much shit from the climbing 'community' as it were though. I just can't believe what that guy did.
  7. missed eric euan this time but will try and catch them this friday!
  8. The Curse


    my little sister made me buy her the album for her birthday. i was mildly shocked.
  9. hahaha - totally. Couldn't stop laughing at that bit. i thought it was really good and on the whole didn't miss the bits they cut out. But they should've mentioned why harry and voldemort's wands locked because of them sharing a core and they should've explained more about crouch junior - about how everyone thought he was dead and how he escaped from azkaban etc. but apart from that it was good. It's my favourite book of them all.
  10. yeah they were pish. mind you chico can't sing...good entertainer though. I think I think about this too much... So was it all a publicity stunt with louis then?
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