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  1. He is in the local band Talking Sideways: Talking Sideways | Facebook He has promoted one or two or so gigs n the likes of Drummonds.
  2. The winner of the Scotsman's photo competition has now been announced. Thank you very much to every one of you who took the time and trouble to vote for my picture. It really means a lot. Our photo of the month winner for February is...
  3. Aberdeen Gig Promotions will put on gigs for bands aged under 18. Agp Aberdeen | Facebook
  4. Thank you so much - your support and generous comments mean a lot Voting ENDS at midnight tonight, so anyone else is willing to vote my photo, please do at Picture Desk: Our photo competition finalists for February The winner is announced next week.
  5. Thanks you very much to all of you who have voted for my picture so far. I think I should add that if I win this, I get to photograph a gig for the Scotsman. So please keep on voting here Picture Desk: Our photo competition finalists for February
  6. A photograph I took of Tom Heren of The Xcerts (from Aberdeen) The Xcerts | Facebook has reached the final of the Scotsman's music photography competition. It was taken last December at the Lemon Tree, and a pubic vote will decide the winner. If people could vote for my photograph, it would be greatly appreciated - 2 clicks on the website below is all that is needed. Voting ends this Sunday 20 February, Picture Desk: Our photo competition finalists for February
  7. Here's a link for Still Searching:- Still Searching on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  8. The Form's myspace is this one The Form on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads, not the one above.
  9. Amber Wilson is on at 8.30pm. I'm not sure if there any other supports.
  10. Kilau Kilau Coffee 99 Bar & Kitchen 99 Bar & Kitchen | Facebook
  11. The Trade were supposed to be on at 8pm, but they have had to cancel due to an illness in the band.
  12. Sons o' the Soil Panda Eyes The Lorelei Headlight
  13. Doors 8pm. Headlight onstage at 9.30pm approx. That's all I know.
  14. Yup. I'll be there. Fine cause, fine line-up - yes, fine wine - possibly not.
  15. I trust then that copious amounts of free communion wine will be provided during the service.
  16. Moshulu have employed someone since January to do promotion for 20 hours a week.
  17. Angusr

    A gig - wow

    I would be happy to film your entire set again.
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