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  1. Bassist required for cover band just starting out. Practice once a week. Looking to gig in near future. must be competent. Cheers!
  2. 2 x V.I.P tickets for Rockness. 350 for the pair. o.v.n.o selling for a friend.
  3. still for sale. any serious offers considered.
  4. hahaha... yeah she told me that!! well at least she encouraged you.. in a sadistic sort of way!! enjoy it anyway!!
  5. naa.. she mentioned the words ' worse than chinese water torture'.... canna think what she means.
  6. thats funny... your mum says you were pretty good.... ;-)
  7. imagine......... strutting around the stage without the worry of tripin on your guitar lead.... oh the feeling of freedom is amazing!!!
  8. what a rediculous suggestion... when you takin up the guitar?
  9. pm me if your really interested and ill email some pics.
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