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  1. Great Bargain !! Selling due to lack of space, Peavey/Behringer P.A. System comprising of; 2 x Peavey RX Series Hisys 115Rx 4ohm ***In Almost New Condition Max power 500W Continous, 1000W Program, 2000W Peak Black Widow Equipped ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 x Peavey XT Series **In Almost New Co Max 350W RMS Cont 700W Program. (53 Volts Prog) Impedance 4 ohs BW Equipped ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Peavey Amplifier PV2600 In New Condition *** Output per Channel 900W/4Ohm Min Load bridged mono 8 ohm Mains 230-240V~ 4A, 50/60Hz ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Eurodesk by Behringer Model MX2442A ****In New Condition 24 Channel 4 Bus Recording/Live Mixer C/w Eurodesk 150 Watt Power Supply ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All Speak on cables back to desk and power leads + Carry Bag Aluminium Framed cable brief case Brand new Flight case housing Amplier used once only 2 x Extension Tubes for speakers in New condition used once only All parts recently tested Full range of kit valued at £2000.00 ****Great kit for any medium sized pub/venue wishing to provide P.A. System for touring bands etc Sale at £750.00
  2. You are trying to tell me that I watched a young lad injured and bleeding being robbed by PEOPLE !!!!!!!!
  3. As for Enoch Powell I only quoted a speech he made in 1981 because it bears some relevance. I never said I was directing my point at any ethnic group and I stand by what I say about this country being an easy ticket for immigrants of whetever origin. There are some who are prepared to come to Britain to work and make a better life for themselves and I applaud those that do. I work alongside various people of foreign origin and deal with several shopkeepers and restaurant owners of foreign persuation and have no axe to grind with them or their various cultures. We are however a small island with limited resources and cannot keep an open door policy for all when there are no jobs, no prospects and little hope in the future for the kids of today. That and only that is the reason I posted the part of the speech, and I don't and never will vote for the BNP.
  4. This is from 1981, check out Wikipedia "In July a riot took place in Toxteth, Liverpool. On 16 July Powell gave a speech in the Commons in which he said the riots could not be understood unless one takes into consideration the fact that in some large cities between a quarter and a half of those under 25 were immigrant or descended from immigrants. He read out a letter he had received from a member of the public about immigration which included the line: "As they continue to multiply and as we can't retreat further there must be conflict". A Labour MP Martin Flannery intervened, saying Powell was making "a National Front speech". Powell predicted "inner London becoming ungovernable or violence which could only effectively be described as civil war" and Flannery intervened again to ask what Powell knew about inner cities. He replied: "I was a Member for Wolverhampton for a quarter of a century. What I saw in those early years of the development of this problem in Wolverhampton has made it impossible for me ever to dissociate myself from this gigantic and tragic problem". He also criticised the view that the causes of the riots were economic: "Are we seriously saying that so long as there is poverty, unemployment and deprivation our cities will be torn to pieces, that the police in them will be the objects of attack and that we shall destroy our own environment? Of course not" Whatever your views you have to admit he was spot on, this country is just an open door for anyone who wants to come in and grab the benefits going. Then they riot because they say they aren't getting enough................"give me strength" !!!!
  5. Where's Enoch Powell when you need him !!!!
  6. Strathmore Ceilidh band are are good outfit and play loads of weddings, good shouter for the dance moves as well.
  7. Don't think he's made of plasticine but if you squint and catch him in the right light he could pass for Fred Flintstone !!!!
  8. Check out the link Peavey P.A. System | eBay UK
  9. Yeah it was a cool gig but a bit overindulgent in the solos !!!!!!
  10. Just a bump up, cheap rail tickets at a fiver return to Stonehaven with the last trains back into town at 11.40 ish you can still have a few bevvies in town on the way home !!!!
  11. Annual charity event in aid of Friends of Roxburghe house Lightnin' Willie & the Poorboys Station Hotel, Arduthie Road, Stonehaven Friday June 4th Doors at 8.00 p.m. Tickets @ 12.00 ea.
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