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  1. that would be the dell price wouldnt it? if you built it yourself it would cut the cost down quite a bit and you could use better quality componants unlike the crap dell shove down ppl's throats.
  2. theres noting illegal in making a non multi region dvd player, multi region some sites like ebuyer include a link to how to change a certain dvd player to region free in product descriptions
  3. as far as i am aware they cannot stop you from taking those days as holidays if you asked for them a month in advance, if they do stop you get a lawyer
  4. I have a visa electron, ive been able to use it to buy stuff from the states the only time I could not use it is when i tried ordering something from dabs and they wouldnt accept it, but it doesnt matter as dabs are shite
  5. Lee & Herring's This Morning With Richard Not Judy Star Trek Enterprise Red Dwarf BlackAdder The Young Ones Bottom Babylon 5 South Park Some Mother's do have them The League of Gentlemen Anything With Dave Gorman Anything with Chris Morris
  6. it might be a good idea to move that to the best photo ever thread
  7. perhaps the 800 was the average cost to repair the venue after stranded's fans had finished
  8. Im not sure how I would describe myself, however some people seem to think Im kind and Helpfull. However Ive been told that when Ive had a little too much Whisky Im the Total opposite, anyone who was at the 402 BBQ can verify that. :O
  9. Ive not seen this i lost all faith in remakes after I saw the American Pilot of Red Dwarf which is quite frankly dire
  10. lvl 8 hunter on Azjol-nerub server also in The Holy Cheddar Guild, ive only played 6 hours so far.
  11. try this then http://movies.collegehumor.com/media/movies/nintendothemesacapella.wmv
  12. http://www.collegehumor.com/?movie_id=138298 watch this and tell me if you can figure out what its about i did but took a while.
  13. Im getting 2 fillings on friday
  14. my god he acctually stopped playing world of warcraft
  15. Id vote for them all...... to be shot
  16. Myself and a couple of friends from the Custom PC magazine forums set up a site+forum a month ago for hardcore computer users. Today i got my issue of Custom PC in the post and when i got to page 10, I burst out laughing, at the download, this month we like section " Custom PC Forum Forum In Joseph Hellers's Catch 22, Major Major Major was named three times after an IBM machine accidently promoted a private major to major major. However, even todays surreal errors can't explain the existance of the Custom PC Forum Forum (www.cpcff.co.uk). Set up by a few regulars from the www.custompc.co.uk forums, with sponsorship from Elite PC Systems, CustomPC - FF offers a further forum for discussing PC Hardware, which shows that you can never have enough of a good thing. we think. As Alex Watson put it: "we like it, but we're confused"
  17. you have got to sticky this http://gorillamask.net/postingandyou.shtml a friend of mine on the day of defeat/steam boards made this ages ago just found it again today when someone posted it on the despair faction boards.
  18. there was a lot on ebay recently that had every console and development computer for consoles in history and even unopened bottles of playstation bubbly from the lauch of the ps1, it sold for half a mil
  19. all those consoles and not a single amiga in sight this man has poor taste.
  20. nope bought them for my laptop ram incompatible bloody toshiba locked so it can only take one type of sdram module which costs an arm and a leg, and the drive didnt fit seller only said it was made by sony and not specifically for a sony vaio. ive also got a 20gb hd on the way once ive copied everything over with norton ghost ill wipe the 6gb and well someone on here can buy it. upgrading in order to leech off the 402 king street network and maybe play some fairly decent games
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