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  1. We can now do a package of stickers and badges! This includes... 1000 Black ink on white PVC vinyl stickers 140mm x 60mm 500 Round pin badges 25mm Price is 220 including postage and packaging Delivery around 2 weeks email me for further details
  2. Aye my mate candy loves them I'll pass this on tae him
  3. First track from our forthcoming album is up on Myspace, called "The Vision". Have a gander and see what you think www.spacejunk.org.uk/spacejunkruletheworld We'll be coming up in August to play the MOorings if ye like it.... (26th I think)
  4. Aye tap us a review... www.spacejunk.org.uk www.myspace.com/spacejunkruletheworld
  5. Glasgow gig was awesome! Shame about the crowd sucking their own arse with a straw though...
  6. Sorry I missed out the dot com... Im a fanny.
  7. Hello, Check out the brand spanking new Hell-Planet Productions forum at www.hell-planetproductions.com/forum The forum is a community for bands and musicians who play things a little out of the norm and is home to Spacejunk, Templeball, A Rebel's Guide and more. Come and check us out if you have a spare minute and post your MP3 on the free for all thread for ridiculous self indulgent scrutiny from our users. Strube
  8. Strube from Templeball/Spacejunk here. Sorry its been so long since we played but just wanted to say I feckin loved the set and both o' me bands are well up for playin with you guys again either up there or down here. See ya.
  9. A little birde tells me Spacejunk will be venturing up North round about June time... Also just wanted to say Templeball loved playing with Hot Mangu at the Vale last month and hope to see em back in Glasgow soon for some more heavy metal mayhem! For some free MP3's and some oddities visit us on cyberspaceatron2000 at http://www.spacejunk.org.uk
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