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  1. Ermm. I'd rather hear what you can play than give suggestions or this could take some time!
  2. Its at a village hall. Its a wedding but not a traditional wedding, so not looking for a wedding band as such K
  3. Hi folks Desperately need a covers band for 21st Sept ... must be tight, good vocals, play a good mix of stuff ... no shite please! Cheers ta! K
  4. For Sale as lot for £260 in rolling case or individual as below. Or will swap for decent 5/6 channel mixer amp and speakers 180/200w + Behringer Europower 5 channel 180w mixer amp (powers up but no output) £15 Behringer DSP114 p Feedback destroyer £60 Peavy Deltaflex Digital Stereo Effects Processor £60 Carlsbro Powerline 300 power amp £70 Soundcraft Spirit SX 20 channel mixing desk £80 Contact for pictures or any mor info Cheers Kev keviswatt@tiscali.co.uk
  5. So ... anyone got a sensible answer?
  6. I really coudnt care now, Axl is a twat and doesnt desevre it, and Slash has ruined whatever cred he had left by playing with The BEP at this years superbowl .....It would be a shambles
  7. They had a couple EP's out, they are still in Local bands section in One up i think Cheers though
  8. Cool ...think i have maybe heard somthing about that ...they toured a couple years ago ...new stuff would be good though
  9. Packed away my CD's the other week so found loads .. Terrorvision - How to make friends and influence people The Bluetones - Expecting to fly Longpigs - The sun is often out Stone temple pilots - Core I could go on and on ... K
  10. Hey guys Does anyone know what became of Brechin band "The storm petrels" last i heard they had recorded and album in L.A and heard nothing since, Their Mypace etc has not been updated for years ....I assume the split, but anyone know if the album is available anywere ? Cheers Kev
  11. Ludwig Accent CS Custom Fusion in blue - 22x18", 14x14", 12x8", 10x8", 14x5" , Snare stand, Bass pedal, Stoool, Hi Hat stand & cymbal Stand, Perfect condition 360 Bronze Sabian B8 cymbals , 20" Ride, 16" crash, 14" crash 10" splash 14" Hi Hats, Bag included - 85 Stagg DX Cymbals 13" Hi Hats, 18" Ride/Crash - 30 2 x Stagg Boom Cymbal stands - 10 each Whole lot ....460 Kev - 01464 820380 or email keviswatt@tiscali.co.uk All in great condition
  12. . I could be wrong but i think you dont need to use your seats...At the Stereophonics my mates had seated tickets but could have stood if they wanted to .. Might be different on a bigger gig K
  13. R.E ... The Kernal loaf R.E ... The Kernal loaf And its only 3 to buy ata gig.. buy a smaller bag of chips on the way home K
  14. R.E ... The Kernal loaf They are a local band just trying to get themselves heard and make a bit of cash to fund the freebies the give away at gigs (badges etc). I imagine with 10 of them in the band there gigs dont pay very well. An E.p usualy only has a small number of tracks on it in the first place, thats why its not an album, and if you read through ths an extra track is available to download after buying the ep. To be honest, if you really grudge 4 to a band you have already said are "bloody brilliant" then you are a hypocrite .. All the best though ! Kev
  15. If you still have these i may be interested keviswatt@tiscali.co.uk Cheers
  16. Thats not a kit......thats an percusion army !!! if i give you 15 deposit, then ...nah doesnt matter !!!
  17. Now Now children ....behave Bit of an off puting add i must admit, Also when you are trying to use tinternet on the sly at work, great big fuck off red letters dont help you !!! It is a good rehersal space though, and the guy seemed cool enough .......WHEN HE REMEMBERED TO TURN UP !!! Sorry, back to Toms for me !! "Make love not war, sounds so ubsurd to me"
  18. Dundee/Falkirk Not sure if you are still looking but i would possibly be willing to your first two gigs, maybe thats no good to you though. Just an idea, i would have lovwed to have done the lot but commitments blah blah !!! Give me a shout Kev Do you have a van or would you be looking for someone that does, or hiring ???
  19. Glad to be of service....if your looking for C.D's especially rare/imports amazon is the place to go..Ebay is always woth a go but a but pricey sometimes Kev
  20. I have an idea .......I would like to form the ultimate Aberdeen covers band, and by Aberdeen covers band i mean only cover songs by bands from Aberdeen....hold on thats a crap idea ...sorry !
  21. Plenty on Amazon my friend, See below Availability: usually dispatched within 1 to 2 working days 12 Used & New from 1.70
  22. Trailertastic Its a bit out in the stix, but there used to be a place inbetween olmeldrum and fyvie that hired out trailers on the cheap !! Cant remember the name so thats probably no help at all !!! Or try Balgownie Machine Centre 78A Powis Terrace Aberdeen AB25 3PQ Tel. 01224 485291 Fax 01224 482344
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