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  1. Captain Face and Errol Street Invitational, with more guest bands tbc Doors: 20:00 Fee: tbc
  2. Captain Face and Errol Street Invitational plus more guest bands tbc. Fee: tbc Doors: 20:00
  3. Use ernie ball super slinky's. Used to use rotasounds, roundwound and flats (can't remeber gauge) but hated having to string them and found they dulled too fast, if i didnt end up snapping them first. dont really have any complains with the super slinky's.
  4. Stop the 12.30am curfew in Aberdeen Petition A petition I found for us to sign! Hopefully it'll save us from this potential disaster.
  5. Hey buddy! Got a singer and bassist right here! (2 individuals) Loving your influences, give us a shout!
  6. Singer and bassist looking to join or form a band. looking for a drummer and guitarist for fun times and possibly more. influences: Tool, deftones, rage, at the drive-in, mars volta, metallica, pantera, king crimson, reuben, biffy, mogwai, pearl jam and loads more. not really got a solid idea of the direction of the band as yet, we'd like to leave it open and see what happens. we're looking to jam, write our own material and play some rocking gigs! get in touch!
  7. I've met Biffy a couple of times and Evelyn Glennie. But best of all I met Machaela Strachan from "the really wild show" during my tv debut in the top kid's programme... 50/50! That show was even more painful to film than it is to watch.
  8. How's the hunting going? I play bass, love mars volta and at the drive-in! I want to join a high energy band (pretty much like ATDI style stage performance wise) You say you want to do a radiohead type thing. Haven't listened to a lot of their stuff to be honest. How serious are you wanting to go with a band? Thought I'd make my presence know to you.
  9. Well I'm glad I found this link. I was just thinking that I should start one if no one else had already. I've been playing this game all day today. I'm fried. It's a good game indeed. Infact final fantasies are the only games I really play. I do find that the story line is a lot less gripping than the others. And it's missing a lot of things that made, for me, the games the best ever. Throughout the FF games I'm always disappointed to see the lack of chocobo racing/ breeding. they tried it in X but you can't beat the FF VII for it. IX was good for it. I'm going to stop summing my cons and just say it is my least favour FF game but a damn sight better than most of the other games I have played recently. Final fantasy still rocks!
  10. Red Hot Chili Peppers- Good time boys
  11. Well thats my good news of the day! Now they are playing one show maybe it'll recindle the flame and we will see them return to blow our minds once more! I can hope!
  12. It was an ace night! the crowd for My Downfall was amazing.it was a shame i missed ruinous and your own disaster, bloody public transport. so what did everyone else think?
  13. Good work guys! I love it! nothing more to say. keep up the good work!
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