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  1. vagina at the gates night at the vagina the vagina wears prada little vagina sunshine thank vagina for smoking the blood vagina the pursuit of vagina vagina with scissors edward vaginahands flags of our vaginas "you call that a vagina... this is a vagina"
  2. nah, brian'l get drunk and call upon the services of others to spin said "wheel of misfortune" and this will end in disaster/broken knees and lungs for all infront of it
  3. yer i was just away to ask if you were gracing moshulu with your stench tonight. no phone handy to text you either.
  4. one of my favorite costumes was joe (complete with crystal), richard o brian what a legend! craig fudge kept his whole dressing in drag trend on the go, by dressing as freddy mercury in the "I Want to Break Free" video and i tried to pimp out a devils costume i had lying around the house
  5. i'l have a look for you when i get a chance tonight. meant to do it last night but i was fucking knackered and completely forgot about it. sorry.
  6. happy birthday man, i'l get you a drink of your choosing in moshulu on wednesday, if you're not too busy pickling yourself to remember that is.
  7. cheers guys, i had a great birthday. basically shambling about trying to mingle with as much people as i can, while drinking myself into an early grave was the plan... plan accomplished oh and i hope oswald is doing better than i am, fucking bruises all over the shop, ace.
  8. thats some funny shit right there christ what are you gonna do with yourself without the 13 hours, or so, of studying a day? jc
  9. you know when prof x is teaching in the classroom and asks the students, whether it would be wrong to operate on the brain dead man in moira's lab? well at the end you see moira walking over to the person and prof x says "hello moira" did you notice magneto slightly moving the chess piece with his powers at the end aswell?
  10. Male : dont like fish, or as my mate used to say "fuckin hate sea beasties!" i dont mind tuna though.
  11. i agree with most of the 1st post, even pointed out to my mates about the Juggernaut not being a mutant bit. did everyone stay right til the end of the credits?
  12. just did it, but the bit that made me laugh the most was the email address - gumps_ma@hotmail.com love it
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