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  1. By the way, we have a Facebook page and I have just added a 'review' bit to the page. Would be great if we could publish the review on there too. Not sure if you're on facebook, but if you are...have a look (I can't add the review myself) The Malpaso Gang- Tall Riders on the Lonesome Trail | Facebook cheers
  2. Hey - great review, Graham, thanks very much!
  3. If you want to support Peacock AND save the gardens from being concreted over - no trees, but flower pots on a wind swept square the size of the Red Square in Moscow :-( - please sign the petition and pass it on to your mates. Save the new Contemporary Art Centre in Union Terrace Gardens Petition If you want to see more images of what Peacock proposes (and has full planning permission for): Plans, models and images - Aberdeen's Centre for Contemporary Art. Gallery exhibitions, printmaking, photography, film & video, digital media CHEERS!
  4. Do you need a singer as well? I'm in a band in Aberdeen (Hashimoto Jones, playing at the Tunnels tonight - come along if you fancy), but would love to sing jazz standards as well in a second project. Let me know. You can hear me on myspace www.myspace.com/hashimotojones Cheers, Nina
  5. ELECTRONIC MUSIC WORKSHOP Try your hand at circuit bending, making improvised musical instruments and create experimental compositions and 'Sonic Postcards'... WORKSHOP * Age 13-17 * 2.5 day course * Thursday 15 + Friday 16 October, 10am - 4pm * Saturday 17 October, 10am - 2pm * Location: Aberdeen Art Gallery With artists Bill Thompson, Claire singer, Ross Whyte and Patrick Keenan COSTS: FREE Snacks are provided, but please bring your own packed lunch. Booking is essential as places are limited. Call 01224-639539 or email info@peacockvisualarts.co.uk to book your place. Organised by Creative Identities, Sound Festival, Peacock Visual Arts and Aberdeen Art Gallery.
  6. We're a guitar band with blues, jazz (and other) influences and write our own material. We are looking for a creative drummer, able to play to different styles of music and keen to perform live pretty soon. Have a listen to our myspace. If you like what you hear, we'd love to hear from you. Hashimoto Jones on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads For a quick reply, please email Nina on ninaeggens@hotmail.com
  7. Drummer wanted We are looking for an experienced, creative drummer to join our band. Were currently working on an EP with our new material to be recorded as soon as possible, and will organise gigs in and outside of Aberdeen from this Summer onwards. At the moment were two guys (guitar and bass) and myself (guitar and vocals). Style: Pop with Blues & Jazz influences. For an idea of what we have been doing please check our myspace: Crake on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads If youd like to come to a rehearsal for a jam, please get in touch . Nina Please use the email below (not the aberdeen-music one) ninaeggens@hotmail.com
  8. 17 hippies - heimlich ane brun - spending time with morgan
  9. The show is on until 28 March so plenty of time to go and have a look (but no free beers left unfortunately)
  10. Yeah, I think I did see some folk coming out of the gallery with blue stains on their jackets ;-). I guess we should have put up a sign saying 'caution, wet paint'.... oh well...
  11. *Nina*

    Gypsy jazz

    Not sure if this thread is still alive but I love both gypsy music and jazz, not just guitar but ideally as many instruments added as possible. I'm a singer/songwriter myself and play guitar as well (rythm, not lead), and would be up for jamming if anyone is interested. Cheers! Nina
  12. It was such a good opening night! Can't believe how many people turned up. Definitely one of the most colourful shows Peacock has had in years. For photos of the opening night & the show also see Flickr: Peacock Visual Arts / Printmaking's Photostream
  13. If you ever need inspiration for a gig poster, now's your chance!!! Canadian designer duo and musicians Seripop are in Aberdeen to show a retrospective of seven years of printing together. They're best known for their record covers and gig posters and have done work for Arcade Fire, Queens of the Stone age and their own band Aids Wolf. For their Aberdeen show they literally covered Peacock's walls top to bottom in psychedelic posters. The show is opening tonight (Friday 13 February) at 6pm at Peacocks and is on show until 28 March. They'll be selling some of their unique posters as well tonight. And not unimportant: free drinks are served Peacock Visual Arts 21 Castle Street (off Castlegate) Aberdeen AB11 5BQ MySpace.com - seripop - 29 - Male - - www.myspace.com/seripop AIDS Wolf on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Peacock Visual Arts - Peacock Visual Arts :: 01224 639539 ::
  14. Fit yer sayin'? Me, boss? Beanbags ahoy, but what if we end up with a snoring audience ....
  15. *Nina*

    Ska Band

    Hi there, I've been singing in a ska band myself and would like to be in one again, but only if it is the old-school Jamaican type ska (laid back, with lots of reggae influences). Any chance of that? And would you know any brass players? Cheers, Nina
  16. That's a mighty good tip! Will bring that up with the team. Enjoy the show tonight everyone, Nina
  17. singer looking for guitar player Hi there, I'm a 27-year old female vocalist (quite all-round, done lots of things, but prefer singer-songwriter stuff, blues, soul and jazz; latest band was a jazz-ska one) and I'm getting bored without a band too! Have left my band in Holland last year but have not been able to find anything here yet. Am looking for a guitar player to write songs with, but would also very much like to get a whole band together again. My email is ninaeggens@hotmail.com. Let me know if you're interested in meeting up for a jam. Nina
  18. Thankx for your support fellow Dutchy...!
  19. Oops, sorry.... I think the buttons on the website are broken (that happens when a band doesn't exist anymore...). The 'Foto' button does still work.
  20. http://www.2ndhandsneakers.nl/ and then click on 'muziek' (just short demos of songs)
  21. 27-year old female singer (jazz, blues, soul, singer/song) is looking for band or musicians (preferably 25+, or experienced). Would like to play mix of covers and own songs. Have gigged with many bands (in Netherlands), ranging from folk to jazz and from soul to ska. To hear some of my previous band please visit: http://www.2ndhandsneakers.nl/muziek.html Hope to hear from you soon! Nina
  22. Hey Ewan, I'm interested! I'm 26, have loads of gig experience and I just moved to Aberdeen from the Netherlands two weeks ago. I am hoping to find a funky band to join. Is the band set up yet or everything new? To see and hear some of my last band, visit www.2ndhandsneakers.nl Nina QUOTE=Ewano]hallo. if u r a female singer and sing with a bit of soul - we is wantin u! u shud join the funk, and get in the band..... contackt me if ur interested. ewan
  23. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE! Calling out for all Ringos, Johns, Pauls and Georges: For a new project by artist group Danger Museum, Peacock Visual Arts is looking for people to form a Beatles Tribute Band, focusing on Sgt. Pepper's. Costumes will be supplied, grow your own moustache. The band can play live at the beginning of September. Call Monika for more information on 01224-639539 or e-mail monika@peacockvisualarts.co.uk
  24. Hi there, at the moment I am still the singer of a skaband in Holland, but I'm planning to move to Aberdeen this summer. My Dutch band mainly plays the old jamaican style ska with jazz influences. I am quite interested in singing in a band again once over in Aberdeen. I also write own songs. For mp3s, visit www.2ndhandsneakers.nl and click on 'muziek' nina ps: I'm also interested in meeting up for a beer
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