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  1. Seems to be a little bother on this gig, didn't want to bring the topic back up but I felt it necessary to say something.

    For anyone (yeah, all three of you) who expected to see me play this gig, massive apologies for not making it. About two weeks before the show, my brother passed away in very sudden circumstances, meaning that I had to be around for my family. I couldn't get in touch with Ross (seems to be a common theme here) so I had no way of really letting anyone know I wouldn't be there, and just hoped that people who knew me might've been able to pass on the message.

    It's very rare that I have to cancel shows and sadly this has been because of the worst reason ever. :( But I'll be back in Aberdeen soon, promise. And hopefully by then I'll be a bit less sad.


  2. I have to say I had an amazing time last night, it totally made up for the shambles in Edinburgh the night before. Thanks for listening and being an awesome audience, that's what I like! Quiet during the songs, then shouting shit at me while I'm tuning up in between. Perfect. If any of you didn't catch it, it's www.myspace.com/mistakesinanimation

    I have a recording of Jonah's set (which sounds fucking amazing), I might post a few highlights up here but I think it'll be at the discretion of the big man himself... He's staying at mine from Saturday onwards so I'm sure we'll sort something out.

    Once again, cheers for making it such a great night! I might be back in May, depends on whether I'm touring with Luke Leighfield and Sam Isaac at the time.

    Also, thanks to Phil for letting us crash at short notice, legend.


  3. Yeah, and the vast majority of people who go to Drummonds aren't interested in seeing Jonah.

    That's not really the point though. Fairly sure Jonah would draw a decent crowd whatever the venue... still think Drummonds is th ebest venue in this case. *shrug*

  4. Just thought I'd come and see what the crack with Jonah in this thread is.

    I've pretty much got him confirmed for a gig in central London so we will see how that affects the Aberdeen date (I'm supposedly getting him on the 25th?! How is he going to travel?! The mentalist).

    In my experience of Aberdeen venues, I'd say Drummond would be best for the gig. Jonah knows how to deal with crowds and the vast majority of people who would go and see him aren't of the "i'm a prick that talks during gigs" disposition.

    Even with his stupidly high guarantee (which has got HIGHER since I put him on in November! sacre bleu!), I managed to put him on at a 90 capacity venue in my hometown just outside of London, and made a profit. The gig was ace. He's worth booking but make sure you get the right venue.

    Lastly, if you do book him, can I support?


  5. Katy, I put my 'knowing everyone' down to using far too many messageboards, and travelling fucking everywhere to go and see gigs. Gigs I get stupidly drunk at, thus leading to talking to too many random people, then totally forgetting the conversation/people as a direct result of alcohol consumption.

    eg, Ben's brother

    But yeah Ben, no worries, some people say "the 'i know biffy clyro' del" and mean it in a more sarcastic manner as though I go round telling everyone we're best mates (I don't, and we're not. But I do occasionally source 'herbs' for them when they're in London).

    Really looking forward to the gig, the whole week's gonna be pretty fucking special.

    And Katy, I hope you have my rider of 20 grams of crack cocaine ready for me. ;)


  6. Sorry to dredge up an old thread, but it's amazing what you find on google, when searching for "Biffy" and "Inverness". Anyway, I digress.

    Mike, I don't quite know what sort of problem you have with me, but I don't have anything against you at all. Both times I met you, you were quite cool, but from what I've seen written online by you about me since I left SB has been a bit out of order.

    See on your UK tour with Tellison' date=' if you ever encounter a grinning twat called Del, punch him in the face repeatedly..'cause if you don't, he'll end up stalking you and telling everyone that he's mates with you.[/quote']

    Needless to say I received no punches to the face... I can only assume this is because 10 Easy Wishes are in fact of a polite demeanour, ie. not twats.

    He lives in London and thinks he's cool because he knows about "Scottish" bands - when all he actually does is read the biffy clyro forum to find out about bands from Glasgow.

    That's exactly it... Me summed up in one sentence.

    Thankfully he hasn't discovered here yet

    Spoke too soon there mate...

    but..yes' date=' beware, he's already started with Tellison :|[/quote']

    Are you now going to profess to being "Tellisoner than thou" or something absurd?

    he only knows of them because of people up here telling him about them

    Actually' date=' I picked up their split with Sevenyears in Banquet Records, when Jon Tolley from BR told me I'd love it. And I did. Then I saw them live supporting Jetplane Landing in... April I think it was? Good show, I was impressed.

    That August tour... I wrote a feature on it for my webzine, dunno if you've read it.

    If you've not, it's here: [url']http://www.thisisfakediy.co.uk/view.php?id=1335

    Anyway, take care.


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