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  1. I just bought 2 tix for 150quid,im a mug and im looking to buy another 2 from sumwhere any1 sell me 2 tix?
  2. Fuck i should be so lucky,just keeping people up to date with what is happening
  3. Papa Roach are back in scotland Sat 30th september at the Glasgow Garage
  4. Just a quikie to say that Inme r back at Moshulu November 12,tix onsale now
  5. Ok so that went down like a lead balloon try this band they r playing the tunnels 1st sep,there from reading im not a great fan but like me kno what you think.www.myspace.com/exitten
  6. Just a quiky to say Lostprophets r playing Corn exchange in edinburgh,should be a great gig. From first to last to support aswell
  7. Everyone go check this band out they are amazing. www.myspace.com/byallmeansnecessary. Thanx
  8. hope he does turn up,but he needs to sort him self out.He is supposed to be an influence,being in a rock band,kids cant be influenced by that.But if he turns up hope u all enjoy it
  9. I did tell you all,but hopefully he does tuen up,dont like when bands let there fans down
  10. Hey how you all doing?just a quick post to tell you all if you didnt already kno that Lostprophets r playing the Carling Academy in Glasgow july 4th.This is going to be an amazing gig so get your tix while you can they will go fast i think. Mark
  11. Yeah i hav seen them live and i hav seen libertines aswell,no need to go all grumpy im only sayin what i feel and 1 othere thing at least with the lostprophets u kno that they r going to turn up and put on a good show.
  12. I mean this in the nicest possible way to all of u who like babyshambles but really come on for sum1 to turn round and say it will be best nite of ur life is way way over the top cause face it there extremely bad live and as for pete he needs to get a grip,hes just a junkie who struggles to make it to any venue so dont be surprised if he dosent show again
  13. Yeah there gig was amazing,and im glad to see that they seemed to enjoy it just as much as we did,hopefully it wont be long til there back.Best song for me was Black Dollar Bills
  14. Just wondering has anyone else heard of this band,i downloaded there new single yesterday and i think that they r amazin.They sound alot like early funeral for a friend. U should check them out www.devilsoldhissoul.com They r in the middle of playin sum gigs in england and hopefully its not long until they play aberdeen. Mark
  15. I hav 1 embrace standing ticket for there gig at the music hall on wednesday if any1 is interested,im not not wanting anymore than what i paid for it,Any1 interested can just reply on hear or to my hotmail account which is markmcgee18@hotmail.com. Thanx
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