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  1. no more replies not that there were many anyway

    well ive found a loverly couple from a village near me so I wont be needing anyone anymore.


    If everytime you slagged of chavs you pulled a hair out - you would be bald!

    Just a little thing to mention - dont bother them and they wont bother you unless there rapist crack heads.

    thank you

    jazz x

  2. so any takers?

    he he!!

    um unless the tons of old folks around there have started a rebelion or got in touch with their inner chav since i viewed it, its safe to say its a peaceful area!

    Theres a shared garden i.e a bit of grass around the back and flowers gravil around the front, parking is fine,all looks pretty good at a first glance.

  3. yes thats right..

    the rent is 500 a month between 3 or 4 people works out about 4o something a week.some students would think that too much.Already got a maybe from someone.

    a huh meaty jazz... yes very funny chunky spunk..

    It was just a based on a cartoon character i did called "no meat".I am no meats sister and therefor "meatyjazz"..

    hmmmm that is kind of off beat! ?(

  4. Im a big 2 tone fan.I can play the drums but when it comes down to it my voice is the stronger instrument. I can provide that service in any shape or form.You may know my dad being part of the mighty human generator.Hes the lead singer of miserable sinners.

  5. Hello fellow musicans and enthusiasts!

    I am a female vocalist and have been for years.

    (although I did get proper training last year)

    It is only now that I am fnding myself with free time due to recent circumstances to put myself out there, perhaps as frontwomen or backing singer in you band!!

    I have a range of infulences that inspire me to sing - I love old blusey/jazzy tracks by Billey Holiday, Janice Joplin and Annie Lenox - there voices have the most wonderful qualities.I also have a strange fondness of Kate Bush - her voice was so powerful for such a little women.

    My taste in bands and male voices tend to be more on the rockyside- I love The smiths , Muse , Led zepplin,The Killers all ska music but especially the specials.I Also like astranged from that selection - The yeah yeah yeahs and Sonic youth.

    I am only 18 but dont let my age deter you from replying to me! just let me sing! AH!

    Thank yall.

  6. lady drummer and singer...

    Hi my name is Jasmin ,Im 17, I dont live in Aberdeen but wouldnt mind joining a band based in Aberdeen as I go to the college 3 days of the week.


    Led zepplin , Frank Zappa and most recently early 80's new wave bands like Sonic Youth and The smiths aswell as modern bands like the yeah yeah yeahs, ordinary boys , The Killers.

    If you want to here a sample , get back to me at meatyjazz@hotmail.com.

    Cheers ,


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