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  1. Ah, now... If he could play the drums I could do the guitar... get one of my electrics fixed up and away I go.. What are the bands you'd be thinking of covering?
  2. Yeah, drummer bored of the fact the rest of his band are willing to go along at a rate of a song a year (whats the point in that) seeking a new band to play with, preferably punk stuff... any kind. Only probalem is my Keith location, but damn it, Im willing to travel..
  3. Awesome, Can't wait to see you 16 Again guys again (saw you when you did the J.R tribute at Sex Pistols Experience - you thanked us front row guys for showing some enthusiasm lol)
  4. LOL, okay I left it wide open for that one... and t'was a good one.
  5. The Rabble are a Keith based band, and we don't do things normally, no one has any one specific place in the band, it's all swap and mix up depending on which is the best way to play the song, We play both punk music and traditional Irish music. We currentely consist of four members. Jacek Wernikowski - Between All The Songs Jacek performs Guitar and Vocals. Jarek Wernikowski - Between all the songs he plays bass and harmonica. Grant Patterson - Plays Guitar and Bodharaan and performs Vocals between all the songs. Douglas Paterson - Plays Bass, Harmonica, Drums and performs vocals between all the songs. What we are looking for are any multi talented musicians out there who can join in with our unorthodox style of doing things by playing various instruments and possibly providing vocals. Heres a list of our inspiration - Sex Pistols The Misfits (Danzig and Graves years) The Clash The Ramones Alice Cooper The Pogues Dropkick Murphy's Lars Frederiksen and The Bastards Hell we might even throw some reggae in there.
  6. Well it's weird. It's Morayshire, but the surrounding areas are Aberdeenshire (Obviously aberdeen, but places like where I live too, like Cornhill) so keith till elgin are Morayshire surrounded by Aberdeenshire, and I have no clue what the hell I just typed...
  7. I doubt anyone will be interested but, here's the deal... Me and My Friend Toad are already memebers of a Keith based Punk Band, The Rejected - but we are looking to start a second with that will play "punked-up" traditional Scottish and Irish songs (Kinda like the Pogues do live), all we have so far is... A Singer, and Possible Guitarist (although he would prefer not to play guitar in this band) And me on bass, but will do the drumming if we cant find a drummer. What we're looking for is - A drummer (Or a bass player) Keyboard player And if anyone wants to be, a guitarist, although we have one, we could always use another. We have several people as possibles for other instruments in this band, tenatively called "The Whoors" so, yeah... we're based near Aberdeen, and that's all really.
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