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  1. Luna is definately in the fifth film. There were Luna auditions in London and everything
  2. I used to be a beaver. Tho it was a long time ago so ive forgotten the noise wood makes as u crunch it
  3. Hey is there anyone who does FS1001:Introduction to American Cinema at Aberdeen Uni. If so could they please help me, ive lost my course booklet and cant remember the question we are supposed to do for monday for the exercise. I could always ask someone in my class directly but i dont know anyone, and in my own twisted way this seems much more simpler. Many thanks
  4. Its a bit sad really. I mean its only a tv show and id rather aberdeen was famous for something a bit more substantial than being the bithplace of a fictional space mechanic.
  5. Is this some sort of self harm?
  6. Ooh i wondered where that went
  7. One of my favourite books of all time is "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley.
  8. I would only go to the future, because going to the past would just be too dangerous. Also in the future i could upgrade my time machine with futuristic gadgets to wow the people back in 2005.
  9. Of there will be a loophole in the Prohecy that no one expected, because really the Prophecy doesnt go into specifics
  10. drinking alcoholic beverages in the morning
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