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  1. The commentator on sky mentioned the fighting. The BBC sport website also mentioned it, stating "Trouble then broke out in the Celtic section of the ground between fans and police."
  2. Are you being serious? From the TV coverage it was clear that there were thousands of Celtic fans singing IRA songs, singing FTQ and singing about orange b*stards. Ive been a season ticket holder at Aberdeen for the past couple of seasons and although I have heard the odd idiotic comment, you will not get hundred, or thousands of fans singing the sort of bile Celtic fans sing on a regular occasion. It is also the case that Celtic fans were fighting with police and stewards inside the ground tonight, but I have no doubt that it will be swept under the carpet.
  3. Do you really think you are entitled to have an opinion on the music community when you are the proud owner of Now thats what I call music 31?
  4. I wrote, “I haven’t read any statements from him before he came to power saying that he wanted to invade Iraq,” and you replied to that with “look harder” and provided examples that ostensibly disproved that claim. Of course, as you admit, no such words exist, therefore I fail to see why you bothered replying to my post as my statement was 100% correct, especially in the context of Bux’s assertion that “Bush has been trying to invade Iraq for years, I hope we can agree on that part at least”.
  5. Well Mr Tanned I stand by both my statements, although my second statement was slightly misleading and I will explain why later on. First and foremost, I am discounting what Dick Cheney had to say for himself in 2000, as he is quite irrelevant to what I said, as I explicitly referred to George W. Bush. To support your claim that I should have looked harder to presumably find evidence that Bush called for an invasion of Iraq prior to being President, you provide an excerpt from one of the debates between Gore and Bush during the campaign for the 2000 Presidential Election, which even you admit does not call for an invasion of Iraq! To be honest I do not know why you even bothered replying to my post, surely if you were trying to find misleading statements in the thread Buxs posts would have been a good place to start. Unless, of course you believe that the US Government carried out the 9/11 attacks or that there is a World Government going to take over to enslave the Worlds population. As you admit, no where in that excerpt does Bush lucidly call for an invasion of Iraq, what he does do is state that he would like to see the end of Saddam Husseins tyranny in Iraq. That is hardly a controversial statement. In fact, if he refused to say that he would like to see the end of Husseins tyranny in Iraq then he would have struggled to win Texas let alone Florida in the 2000 Election. If you do equate wanting to see the end of a dictator to an invasion of a Country the fact that both Gore and Bush probably called the end of Castros tenure during debates on foreign policy disputes that. Unless you think that the US are going to invade Cuba in the near future. (When I say probably, I mean both candidates would have had to call for the removal of Castro to have any chance of winning the pivotal State of Florida). On that same point many people in the anti-war movement have stated that they were against the War with Iraq, but were happy to see the end of Saddam Hussein, therefore you can ostensibly support the removal of Hussein, but not an invasion of Iraq. I presume you were against the war, but are happy that Hussein has been removed from power? Regarding my second statement, In fact, he (Bush) campaigned on a right-wing isolationist foreign policy, I must admit that my language was slightly misleading. When I used the term right-wing isolationist it does appear to make Bush comparable to someone like Pat Buchanan and others like him in the US. That definitely was not my intention as they are extreme isolationists who I believe still write articles today about why the US should not have entered the Second World War. Instead of the term right-wing isolationist I should have used moderate isolationist or neo-isolationist as many of Bushs views regarding foreign policy during the 2000 campaign definitely took that form. For example, one of Bushs biggest campaigns regarding foreign policy during the 2000 Election was for the removal of US troops from the Balkans. Also, there are numerous quotes form Bush during the campaign to suggest he would have a somewhat isolationist foreign policy. For example, I would take the use of force very seriously. I would be guarded in my approach. I don't think we can be all things to all people in the world. I think we've got to be very careful when we commit our troops, But we cant be all things to all people in the world. I am worried about over-committing our military around the world. I want to be judicious in its use. I dont think nation-building missions are worthwhile. Maybe you should read Bux's posts now...
  6. I never heard Bush say “Iraqis” were a threat to America; he made it clear that the State of Iraq with Saddam Hussein in power was a threat to the West. Of course' date=' that threat was probably exaggerated, but considering Hussein’s record in power, it was not an unbelievable premise that Hussein could be a threat to the West and his own neighbours. Blood for oil, eh? Surely now that Iraq is an emerging democratic Country, (it would be a democratic Country, if not for the Jihadists and ba’athists intent on making Iraq a totalitarian State again) the Iraqi Government and people will be able to benefit from its oil wealth and trade with the West. Unlike before, where the economy was wholly privatised to the bank account of the Hussein family or in various Middle-East Countries where oil wealth is used to buy palaces and to fund extreme Islamist ideologies. So the US Government was behind the 9/11 attacks, yes very logical, indeed. Could you explain why Bin Laden took responsibility for those attacks? If the US carried out the 9/11 attacks, who carried out the attacks on Bali, Madrid, Jordan, Turkey, London and numerous other places that have fallen foul of barbarism? Who are beheading and deliberating killing civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan today? A teacher in Afghanistan who committed the evil sin of educating a girl was beheaded only last week. Of course, the teacher should expect such an action. I mean the teacher is obviously a Western collaborator and committing an evil sin against “Islam”. The Truth?
  7. Is the solution to this problem not obvious? Simply, there should be no smoking ban enforced by the Government, but instead, business owners should be allowed to decide whether to ban or allow smoking in their establishments. If there is a market for non-smoking and smoking establishments, which I am sure there is, then people who want to smoke will be able to go the establishment that allows smoking, whilst someone who does not want to share the room with a smoker can go to the non-smoking establishment. It is known as a free market
  8. Does anyone know if these two girls are the same girls featured in the Louis Theroux documentary, When Louis met the Nazis? If I remember correctly, the two girls in the program did sing at numerous neo-Nazi rallies and had a very psychotic mother who home schooled her children, which involved her own alternative view of American history. Some of the responses to this article, though, are a bit disgusting. I mean, rape? You should be ashamed of yourself for writing such a thing!
  9. Thats an interesting chart position for a song that one of the band members of Arctic Monkeys described as a bit crap.
  10. Mr Shankly


    Considering the majority of Jewish Americans usually vote for the Democratic Party I do not think Bushs policies regarding Israel has anything to do with elections. Anyway, this is Bushs final term in office, so I do not think he cares too much about gaining millions of voters.
  11. No, do not be ridiculous I do not want you to proclaim that at all. I regret posting the remark regarding your post about Tyndall, although I did go on to explain why I did post what I did, but I do think it is slightly ridiculous to celebrate the deaths of people.
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