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  1. Whats a name anyway, eh? it about the music ain't it! Should give them a try at least
  2. Check out these bands on myspace.com...see what you think, if you have any other good myspace bands, or comments post them on here... The Maydays (scotland) The Reveries (Liverpool) The Intervals (stockton) Cheers, hopefully it'l be woth ur time
  3. ..............hjhfgkkdytufkfy
  4. can play bass and guitar and am looking to join/form band that will write own stuff n have a good laugh doin it. bands i like the libertines,the others, oasis, the smiths, babyshambles, the coral, the LA's, joy division, interpol, velvet underground and loads of other band. aged between 18-25 .
  5. yeah you could bring a guitar with you.Did u say you wrote songs??
  6. hey,we have already jammed with teenage kicks so prob that but we may lern the beatles or the clash. Do u reckon you could make it about 6.30 on thursday nite at captaintoms???
  7. hey man, well plan to have a jam sumtime next wek, where we are gona get you an the other shap down for an audition kinda thing at seperate times. Is this cool with you?Also could you let me know 2 covers you like to sing so that the rest of the band can play them for you to sing with? Cheers
  8. sorry about that. Was just gona leave it until we got a jam with the rest of the band then we were gona have some kind of audition after that.we are having a jam 2moro nite so after that I will post and let you know cheers
  9. Hey man, r u into the bands that we are,like the libertines,supergrass,franz,razorlight. Do u play guitar?we have never played together yet but plan to meet up sometimes soon and hope it flows. What previous bands u been in?What kinda voice do you have(compare roughly to someone) Darren
  10. Lead guitarist,Bass player and drummer are looking for a lead vocalist(preferably rythmn guitarist aswell) to complete Band with sights set on original material. Influences: The Libertines, Razorlight, Supergrass, The Zutons/The Coral, Franz Ferdinand,Kings of leon,bob marley,beatles,bob dylan...and many more. Looking for 2 specific things... Unique voice and...Frontman qualities. Also, enthusiaism and song writing(or at least lyrics) are very welcome. Get in touch a.s.a.p also looking for an organ Player or piano player
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