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  1. yeah 74/75 and pump up the volume (i didnt realise that was a 1 hit wonder but there you go)
  2. mmm that looks sweet! good luck with it - keep the pics coming
  3. ah right no, that aint me either but theyre a fine bunch
  4. medical secreatary? no thats not me
  5. nah my job aint been advertised yet EDIT: I think!
  6. dont do it, i'm on the way out no seriously, good luck.
  7. OT: do you work upstairs in the IM&T building by any chance.. it is awfully boring up there.
  8. *splutters coffee over monitor* HAHA!
  9. most i've dones about 40 and it still sounded shite.
  10. cheap and not very hardwearing, i have a zbt splash and the overtones are horrible
  11. it depends where the potential market lies, a band like oasis will always have hoards of folk tripping over each other to get tickets because they identify with the attitude they exude and want to share in the experience of seeing them live - the energy. i dare say the magic numbers have a sizeable following in the ugly and overweight crowd (no pun or offence intended but you see where i'm coming from?) just as zappa will always have huge support from the pretentious, know it all crowd. i think the 5 rules listed by the byre are valid but essentially where theres a market for a band, theres every chance someone will pick them up and help them out to meet it. boxes ticked or not. i know that simplifies things.. and you can never use absolutes, it can come from anywhere. thats a very corporate sounding point i just made, for which i will now go and saw my penis off with the sharpened and reshaped point of a snapped drum stick. its only fair after all.
  12. Ray


    wow! a drummer that likes the white stripes! a rare thing indeed j/k good luck with your search
  13. can you say when the lineup will be revealed?
  14. To say that if you have talent and appeal you will get signed aint right though, its never that easy. Having the sort of information the unsigned guide provides could aid in getting you signed up. naturally - as with anyhting else - it depends on the circumstances of the individual and sure, its not a roadmap to success but it is a tool to help out on a hard road, nothing wrong with that in my book. Nothing wrong with providing the type of service that helps people around the woods either.
  15. at least someones providing a means to access this information (and if you flick through a copy its a lot of information) in a handy book form.
  16. so it isnt going on general/limited release on the big screen in the uk? thats a shame - it looks like it would be stunning huge.
  17. hmm.. i had forgotten about this movie. i can only image that they are having distribution problems as the film is clearly finished (as it has screened at some film festivals) you could email the production company -> films@dikenga.com they would know for sure what was going on. EDIT: just downloaded the press kit, it describes patton as "the master of the thorax"... thats ace.
  18. ok dokey, what i mean when i say the drums sound dry means the drums sound lifeless, dull thuds, no ambience to bring to the track (which is rarely good imho - i would prefer to hear bright, sharp and crisp drums on a track like this), not criticising the playing which is good overall As for the bass player - he/she just doesnt nail it, as in his/her performance was off the mark, unless of course you were going for the rough sounding "just stepped out of the pub into the studio/we dont care" sound, which is of course, fine.
  19. hamper good, not heard of yous before - me like
  20. honest opinion: the drums sound too dry for my liking and the guitar too - its probably what you were after but its all a bit to thin for the song imho, the bass playing is a bit shakey and drums arent terribly tight but i do like the guitar parts (although i'm no fan of the panning) and the voice and lyrics are good.
  21. http://www.myspace.com/anotherbucket nothing new or good. EDIT: (except the link to kovak who are very good)
  22. well... i felt like a prick calling on it
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