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  1. Roland V-Drums, TD6-KV TD6 Brain Mesh Snare Rubber Toms 2 Cymbal pads hi-hat pad, same style as the cymbal pads (i.e. not the same as the tom pads ROLAND MUSIC - DRUM ROOM gives you an idea of the spec, stand IS included in this sale (well, wtf am i gonna do with it? clothes horse?) - and here's a picture to explain what the differences are between that kit and this kit (snare and hi-hat). Kit is 1 years old and has brought me many hours of joy, almost as much as .. er well never mind that. Will throw in a kick pedal - not the one in the picture but it works Stool not included Reluctantly selling for financial reasons, Looking for 500 More details on request, PM or post here if interested.
  2. both no longer available
  3. Trace Elliott BLX-80 Bass Amp - reviews here: BLX-80 Review | Trace Elliot | Reviews @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com here Trace Elliot BLX-80: Harmony Central User Reviews and here Google Its about 15 years old and been making a ticking sound from the electrics for the last 2 years or so but still sounds great and built like a tank - very heavy infact. Hence 40. with custom dog-eared boss sticker. CP Bongo's - hardly used, red, 20 PM for further details.
  4. the score from solaris by cliff martinez is a good ambient album imho ok, its a soundtrack but its niiice
  5. great tunes guys, keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. *coff*
  6. sorry i cant help you .. but this kind of rural gigging.. did they do it a lot back then do you know? aye, not just the beatles but was there a strong circuit aroon the north east? just curious, and good luck btw
  7. <child mode>lol</child mode>
  8. thats an interesting link delius is it code?
  9. I work there, saw one of the deer(s) yesterday - we have grey squirrell's over here also. Used to work down riverside drive, saw an otter and a heron in the river there. EDIT: fwiw my avatar is a close-up of a zebra spider, spotted in my previous house near potterton
  10. ^^noted the grub in there used to be quite nice.
  11. i could be wrong but i think there are some software updates/patches that require genuine advantage.. Windows Genuine Advantage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia if you dont need to do software updates other than windows i would ignore it i suppose
  12. ditto on all counts ps2 not ds for my money
  13. would be cool if it was a dead city though.. aye, like post-apocalyptic/28 days later style... eeriee.
  14. wow i just opened it up and it hit me with ashes to ashes by fnm.. nice!
  15. how the hell are threads allowed to get into this kind of state? yes yes its not my site i'll quietly stfu now just saying, poor show.
  16. rumours abound of a return to tv too
  17. have to disagree, i was pleasantly surprised by his performance in eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
  18. [ctrl+v]still for sale, price negotaible ;)
  19. still for sale, price negotaible
  20. ^ amazing, that is not anywhere remotely like the impression i had in my head. i.e. it sounds great!
  21. Hello, i'm 29, slightly out of practise but can still keep time. Looking for either covers band or original material, anything to get back into gigging really. I've been playing since roughly 2000 and have gigging experience around aberdeen/shire. At the moment i have a cheap premier 5 piece kit with a limited selection of damaged cymbals but am looking to get the kit sweetened up asap with some new heads and cymbals. ( i also have a roland td6 kit i use to practise in my flat). I like all kinds of music, genre's dont matter as long as it gives you a good feeling when you play.. .. not that kind of good feeling.. ... well maybe. favourite bands of all time would be faith no more, floyd, mothers of invention, ac/dc, led zep.. that sorta thing. can also sing, play rhythym guitar and a bit of bass (malcolm young stylee), have gear for recording. pm me if interested in giving me a shot. oh btw playing really fast and shuffle grooves are something i cant do as yet but am working on it
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