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  1. cant see that happening....apparently hes moved on to make more money!! rumour has it hes off to blackpool
  2. waste_of_faith


    How would Hogwarts handle teen pregnancy? "Foetus Deletus!"
  3. Anyone else liking the sound of Beady Eye? Liam is sounding sweeter than ever! New single is bangin too! Noel who???????
  4. keep an eye out in the pawn shop on george street! chances are they wont have a clue what its worth and may try there! check the papers too! hope you find everything!
  5. Take That - once youve tasted love Sorry!!!!
  6. waste_of_faith


    dunno if its here al;ready coz im not readin them all just now but............. what do you call cheese that doesnt belong to you???? NACHOCHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. lister is a leg-end.....craig charles is a bell-end!!!!! MARK MCGHEE!! ha
  8. chlamydia!!!! thats my pet hate!!!!!
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