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  1. what a coincidence me and my mate rory were just talin about starting a beethoven tribute band. PM me if your up for it.
  2. hmm??? You might want to try n conquer the challenge of writing sentances before seeking out new ones.
  3. Come on all you riff monsters/pop guys, nowz your time to join me in an awsome musical journey, which takes you to 1989 to get influenced by megadeth, then 2002 to pinch the hottie daniel beddingfields style. Its gonna be like monster solos with daniel beddingfields raw sheer sex appeal. spaces are gonna fill up fast so get in quick if your intrested!!!!!!!!
  4. Just wondering if anyone fancies selling me one, for like around 120.
  5. Hello, just wondering if anyone would be up for playin sax/trumpet for a one off gig for our school prom. We'd just be playing ska covers along the lines of "reel big fish/Less than Jake" and we've already got a good trumbone dude. Give us an email or something if anyones intrested. Cheers.
  6. Come on guys!! 170 then, and I'll chuck in a free lead, and a plectrum!! Its a brilliant deal!!
  7. Boss GT-5 effects processor for sale with manual. Its in pretty good condition and sounds good. I'm looking for around 180ish for it to get me a better amp. PM me if your intrested.
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