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  1. Hey guys, back in August we were over in Sweden recording and playing a few shows.Please check out MySpace.com - Three Times Round (NEW SONGS ONLINE) - Dundee, UK - Punk / Pop Punk / Rock - www.myspace.com/3timesround and let me know what you think!
  2. Magic Wheelchair Promotions presents The upstarts - aberdeen ska punks Fragile - fast hard hitting skate punk The Planeteers - aberdeens own eco punk warriors Strike 3 - pop punk from perth 3 Times Round - punk rock tomfoolery from Newport Satchmos (the old beat bar) Dundee 18th December 3 at door 7.30pm and yes there is a FREE BUFFET!!!
  3. Crate GT1200H head with cab 290 ono mint condition with footswitch
  4. with support from 3TR,Phyco Dalek,Merkin and Chroma Keyer Wesport Bar Dundee 8th Nov 3
  5. haha yeah sounds good but it doesnt really explain what it's for...i mean is it something you connect to your head or what?sorry for being so ignorant about it but I really have no clue lol
  6. I'm not quite sure how to use those multi-effect rack thingys but a few people have said I should get one...so could someone explain?
  7. Cheers for the advice everyone!Yeah thing is I can't really afford a new head at the mo sadly...ah well one day lol
  8. Hey I have a Gibson Les Paul studio which I play through a crate GT1200H head with a G41st speaker cab and I can get a fuckin comfy distortion out of it!But the cleans just not what I'm looking for...it's far too tinny.It's mainly for ska but also just your typical melodic clean pop punk part so any advice?
  9. On the distortion channel when i stop a note or chord theres a horrible hissing sound...anyone else experienced this?
  10. my band 3 Times Round are always up for gigs.We're kinda punk rock but with some metal too.Our new 5 track e.p is due to be released laster this month www.myspace.com/3timesround
  11. Sg 400 vintage cherry red...fixed neck none of this bolt on nonsense very nice...great condition too...say 190? any offers...i would post some pics up but i'm too stupid to know how so ad me to msn or email me if you want pics
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