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  1. 3 guitars for sale. 1. fender telecaster (light blue, mexican, standard, plus hard case). 200. 2. ovation breadwinner (early 70s, vintage guitar, very good condition, tan/black). make me an offer. 3. electric-accoustic mandolin (grafton). 150. Im kind of making up these prices, since i cant remember how much i actually paid for the tele and the grafton. i swapped my strat for the ovation a couple of decades ago, and a quick-ish search on the web doesnt help too much in setting a price. PM me if you want any more info or images of the guitars. k
  2. i have 1 neil young ticket spare. any reasonable offer and its yours. you would have to pick it up either at the exhibition centre from me, or from old aberdeen later this afternoon. PM me for contact details. kevin
  3. Tiny Bike rock as well... or we will once pete gets his sampler working...
  4. The Last Waltzer. at Kilau Coffee Shop, this friday evening, 27th February, from 8pm. A reunion featuring the great sounds of John Hekert, Green Pony, Ashley Park, Welfare Mothers, Steven Milne, Kathryn Sawers, Tiny Bike and you! come along and partake Green Pony kathryn sawers Ashley Park Welfare Mothers Steven Milne Tiny Bike
  5. tiny bike link: TINY BIKE on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  6. yep. but most unfortunately pete mconville wont be playing with Tiny Bike, because he is still stuck in the igloo he built in the snow drift that he has been stuck in for the last few days.
  7. trip to gronigen we're organising a trip to gronigen probably in february to play some gigs there, assuming john finds venues etc. it wont cost much if we can find cheap flights, ferrys, etc. and we can stay with john's mother who has a fine musical pedigree - she's seen The Band live! if anyone would like to find out more about that then let me know. best kevin
  8. special guest on piano, banjo and accordion, and after a long absence, Pete McConville will be playing with welfare mothers again at Peacock. should be very special! (should be)
  9. if you like we could manufacture a guest list with your name on it? let me know cheers!
  10. forgot to say, but even so we will be doing four new songs.
  11. yep, kathryn is organising and running it, thats one reason to support it and go along. another is that it will be the last ever welfare mothers gig.
  12. Kathryn spent her entire saturday night making posters out of cutlery and hoover bags especially for this gig. have any of them appeared around town yet though? there's a special edition of 14 only. future collectors items..?
  13. and, if you like, come along to Peacock gallery on the 15th for what is probably the final herkert gig in aberdeen for a while - with us and kathryn sawers and julie-anne mcCambridge and Jvdwas.
  14. A Sawer in Half production Monday 15th December Appearing at Peacock Gallery are: Julie anne McCambridge, Welfare Mothers, Kathryn Sawers and the Jannes van der Waal Appreciation Society. Price 4.Doors 8pm. Julie-anne McCambridge - Stars & Mud by Julie anne McCambridge - Welfare Mothers MySpace.com - Welfare Mothers - Aberdeen - Alternative / Country / Surf - www.myspace.com/welfaremothers Kathryn Sawers Jannes van der Waal Appreciation Society MySpace.com - The Jannes Van Der Wal Appreciation Society - Aberdeen, UK - Alternative / Other / Other - www.myspace.com/thejannesvanderwalappreciationsociety In addition to all that coming, there is some going: this will be John Hekert's last gig in Aberdeen since he is going back to Holland on the 19th December. So come along if you wish to say goodbye, and hear him play, one last time.
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