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  1. Richard Ashcroft support? Anyone know who's supporting Ashcroft in Glasgow on Friday? Cheers
  2. Good work squire! I never noticed that cutaway till today myself. Looks pretty close by the looks of the headstock too. Away to tell the guy in the local tonite, he'll be well impressed. Cheers
  3. www.searchingforagem.com/Pictures/HardRainUSPromoBack.jpg Here you go. Probably obvoius as fuck now but I canna put my finger on it?!
  4. Ok, Whilst out at the weekend one of the locals at my local came over to me with the album sleeve of Bob Dylans 'Hard Rain'. His question was this : What kind of guitar is he playing in the picture on the inside of the sleeve? First of all I though it was a Gibson ES335, but I think its to thin. Is it a Danelectro? Anyone?
  5. Yep, Tis them. Fuckin crazy lookin fucker the front man like! You can listen to the whole album(Gypsy Punks) on NME.com
  6. 1. Andre the Giant 2. Julian Clary 3. Wifey Miller (my old German teacher) Name 3 good Westlife songs?
  7. Doorsteps on Regent quay, 12" bagette N soup for around 2.70 awesome!
  8. WTF! Slow ass computer!!!!!!
  9. Haha...Ob!!! Yours is pretty ace ana....pfft!
  10. Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers was gud. Montery Jack, fuckin ledge!
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