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  1. I laughed my socks off. I'll get my coat.:O
  2. I have mine in a week or so.
  3. yeah, i get that, i-tunes is onmly eally a wayof handling data,be it music or otherwise. But Apple Garageband is useable for nothing more than the creation of music.
  4. Ok, so if I-tunes (seller of music) is not actually anything to do with music, then surely Apple's Garage Band programme is illegal, since all it can do is make music?
  5. If you can't find a good home, I'll take it.
  6. There was an unfeasibly large crowd around the one on St Nicholas square today. People were stood around it for about an hour waiting for it to be 'unveiled'.
  7. B B King - the very best of Van Morrison - Moondance
  8. Do you just drill holes in the end of you guitar to put it one? by the strrap buttons? Can the intonation not be sorted out using the regular bridge unit?
  9. Does anyone know, is it possible to put a Bibsgy tremolo thing on to an epiphone Dot?
  10. I've got the remastered versions on VHS. Never bothered with wotht he newfangled added extras bit since thy completely ruined the films.
  11. Craig B

    Plan B

    Is this that twat witht he acoustic guitar who kind of raps over the top of it?
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