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  1. F sake. I emailed them anyway. They must return, I didn't see them last time.
  2. I wish I was drunk Andy, damn you. I'm all cold and sober, and er, stuff. How very dull.
  3. I don't know you, but happy birthday anyway
  4. Anyone know if they are planning coming back here any time soon?
  5. I wouldn't want to take part in that, but I'd spectate.
  6. you had any joy yet? My wee sister is heart broken, a mate said he'd get her a ticket... he got for himself and forgot about her. Mean!!!
  7. Didn't Noel drop Proud Mary after their second album? I saw them at Kef last year, they were alright.
  8. Please. I'm freezing my peachy little *rse off up here! maybe we should go looking for summer? I think it got lost...
  9. I saw it the other night. I wasn't as impressed with it as I was the first one, but it was still good.
  10. Now don't be sexist, if the girls are getting theirs out its only fair the lads get theirs out too! Who has the hariest boobs? Male or female? LOL
  11. I was waiting for a comment like that.
  12. Wow, now there's 2 of us! Any other takers?
  13. Stay back... I'm very contageous(sp?) or don't, I mean, like, what ever.
  14. A lassie that sings and a bloke plays guitar. I saw them at Cellar 35 once, and at Drummonds when viva melodica played. Who are they?
  15. What has made you smile recently? Just a momant ago, i read this on a post here: Christ on a pogo stick, what's the world coming to? I have to say, that made me smile LOL
  16. I asked an older friend who told me. The following year, I had a chat with my younger sisters. "Santas nae real, but if you pretend you think he is, you'll get mare presents. Da tell mam or dad though!" Xmas day, all 3 of us up at 5am, into the living room, hud the bus, fars all the presents? "Remember, you said santa wasn't real!" My mum had heard everything I'd said, and to teach me a lesson, had hidden our presents!
  17. I don't have a cable, but I did find this http://mobile17.smashsworld.com where you can take music off your hard drive, crop it, and download it onto your phone via wap.
  18. Man boobs are pretty offensive, big hairy ones... ooh gads!
  19. I've been lurking/posting here for a bit, and only just noticed the chat room. I'm in there now and it seems I'm not the only one who was unaware of its existance. Come in n say fit like?
  20. I'm 19, and from Keith. Brought up in Keith (I know, I know) but moving to Aberdeen very soon
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