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  1. Aye he was a good player. Seem to recall some quality freekicks. A real shame for his daughter. r.i.p.
  2. Ahh good old Marlene Kratz, she was definately one of those neighbours pin ups Will be interesting to see what Paul Robinson actually comes back to do, maybe he is going to mount a takeover bid for lasseters!! Where did he actually go in neighbours world?
  3. Tis alright for some. I still have to track down the elusive friend who is willing to go to the gig. Think i need to find some more ska loving friends. If i don't find one i'll give my spare ticket to the most willing new friend
  4. If it's any consolation all my friends have deserted me at the last minute aswell. Frickin metalheads!! But there is no way in hell i am missing the 44s or capdown!
  5. I was at Leeds and the bands of the weekend for me were: 1. Goldfinger, even though they got cut short they were amazing. 2. Flogging Molly, skank/jigging to them was pretty cool until my mate banged head with some guy and i had to take him out the tent. 3. Dropkick Murphys, the pit of them that i was in kinda felt like a family by the end of the set. With everyone linking arms for the cover of the pogues 'fairy tale in new york' a particular highlight for me. 4. Offspring were damn good until i got kicked in the face and my nose busted open. 5. Green day, as kirkt said it would have been good to hear more new stuff. place went crazy for 'american idiot'. stilll loved their set, although i he went a bit far with all his ohhhhhhhh's. you'll know what i mean. Other bands that i enjoyed being jurassic5, reel big fish, sick of it all and the hives. I watched the 50 cent set simply because i wanted a good place for green day. Gotta say he wasn't as bad as i expected. Maybe it was because my friends are 50 cent fans and were really getting in to it. i jsut like the whol G unit thing. The whole weekend, wherever you went you'd here random shouts of g unit. All in all a good weekend.
  6. Jonny Lucifer:It is hopefully going to have all kinds of punk. Will need help with reviews and stuff. So if your interested then please email me at cheesefarmer@hotmail.com or add me to msn with the same address. either or sis fine with me. Website is coming a long nicely, will definately post a link once it's up and running. Cheers.
  7. Well i've been putting together a website for scottish punk bands. Had it up and running for a wee while but due to my lack of skills it wasn't very easy to keep up to date. Now what i'm asking for is anyone out there who would be willing to help out in getting this site up and running. Got plenty of webspace and so on. Just need people to help me out. The most important thing i'm looking for is someone to help me design the site. I have a couple of designs floating about already so it could just be a case of messing about with them. i hope to have band profiles, mp3s, pictures and so on. If anyone reckons they can help me out then feel free to email me at cheesefarmer@hotmail.com or add me to msn with the same address. Cheers for your time. Ali
  8. I thought Normans fetish put on a good show. Confidence and talent will get them a long way. Seen them twice now and have been impressed both times. The 44s, Well what can i say that han't already been said? These guys are great. True performers. If they don't make it in the ska 'scene' then god knows what you have to do. I loved the performance and when the crowd sang along to evening spread i was thouroughly impressed. Well doen that band. Howards Alias, not knowing what to expect i was a lil dissapointed to begin with. Soon enough thought they grew on me and i was very impressed. They deserved a better crowd than what they got. What was with his weird hand movements though? Or was it just me that thought it was a bit weird? Anyway all in all it was a top gig and i was kinda dissapointed i had to go home in the end.
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