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  1. yeah, send me your email address and i'll send you a few
  2. Looking to sell my jackson dxmg asap, before christmas latest. Black, 24 frets, passive emg hz h4 pickups, floyd rose style bridge. Good condition 200. No offers below
  3. we now have two song off our demo up on our myspace page. www.myspace.com/everwicked if anyone wants a preview
  4. For anyone thats interested we'll be selling our demo, "A Taste of Evil", at this gig for 1 or 2. untill then
  5. BLASPHEMY! michael angelo batio is god! If you want pointless widdle check out chris impelliteri, just feelingless shred. And dragon force rule!!! Long live herman li!!!
  6. Hey, am just wonder what time we need to be there and also what order the bands will be playing in and set time? cheers
  7. Thanks, was a great gig all round I think. Great performances for you guys and HMG. I was also really happy at the reception we got, alot better than our first gig in aberdeen. We'll hopefully get another chance to play with you guys again soon.
  8. we don't have anything round then, only a gig in september planned.
  9. nope, it was just the best name we came up with. we're power/heavy metal, hope you enjoy listening at the gig.
  10. Addicted to chaos are also playing, we're on at 9 and we're on first.
  11. Sounds like a good deal, just give us the details and we'll be there.
  12. Anything more on this gig you were going to give us in september?
  13. Addicted to chaos would very much like to play. you can here a couple of our own songs at www.purevolume.com/addictedtochaos just lets us know if you want us to play. my email is lead_of_chaos@hotmail.com. cheers
  14. We are a band called addicted to chaos and are currently looking for a new drummer due to our present one not being committed. our influences are iron maiden, area 54, dragon force, rhapsody, iced earth etc. if anyones interested give me an email on nameismark@hotmail.com or go to our site www.addicted2chaos.co.uk. thanks
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