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  1. Hey all, just to let u know that we (snood) will be playing in Stereo on Monday Dec 6th thru the Audio Dropouts Glasgow end, should be a good one so if any of you are down our way please come and check it out. if u want any more info u can email us at snoodtriangle@hotmail.com thanks a lot Alan
  2. thanks to all just wanted to say thanks to all that were there, all the snood boys had a ball from start to finish, thanks to shawn for his spendid hospitality and butteries, thanks to amy for letting me play her organ (hammond), thanks to kitchen cynic maestro alan for just being him and being all round great, we love u all dearly and cant wait to come back. PS was just listenin to the new cynics album. sweet jesus its unbelieveable!!!!!! Smoochies xxxxxxxx Alan the long-haired ivory tinkler. (but not real ivory as i hate that kinda thing) snoodtriangle@hotmail.com
  3. snood

    Snood Gig

    Hi all you Drakey people, as nobody in Aberdeen has heard of us, unless they have visited your fine establishment of course, I though I'd just post this here. Just on the off chance that any of you will be down here on Saturday June 19th, we have gig in Fury Murrays, not one of Glasgows best but hey. Its the final of a battle of the bands thing, wooptedoo, and there will be six bands in all starting at 730, tickets are 2. If any of you want more details just post or email snoodtriangle@hotmail.com Cheers Alan from Snood
  4. We all had a great time, so thanks to all you folks up there, we hope to see you again soon. Our website is new and still under construction but there is some stuff on there. www.snoodmusic.com feel free to email as snoodtriangle@hotmail.com
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