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  1. It will be those trains and those trains only for the tickets. Trust me I'm in the know...
  2. Right getting rid off this stuff as the folks have removed storage privilages and my flats too small. Basses: Aria Pro II ZZB Deluxe (no case) 165 o.n.o Explorer Shape, Double humbucker pickups, Blue/green to black sunburst. Aria Pro II ZZb Deluxe Z (with custom case) 225 o.n.o As above only in a funky Zebra paint affect. Bass Amp: 165W Laney bass amp 15'' speaker. 150 o.n.o Well its an amp what else can I say. Cabs: Two Marshall 1970's 2x12 "bass organ" 75W Cabs. 150 o.n.o Celestion G12 speakers, 8 ohm. (I've used these with bass, guitar and for vocals and they've always sounded good to me) Also if anyone is interested i have a 50W 4-input p.a that I've used with the cabs for vocals while practicing in a garage and for vocal and mic'd up acoustic guitar which I could throw in with the cabs for an extra 10. Well thats it for now.
  3. This thread is old but just have to say that Stuart was a legend, "I'm off out for a fag ayyyyeee" yeah sure you are Stuart. Ace. Recorded the Everwicked ep with him. Good times. Fag breaks did mean that it took a bit longer though. But he did spend like a day mastering it for free.
  4. Usually I'd laugh at a post like this. "Free car" I'd say "Not bloody likely har de har har". However today I just feel sorry for you because some strange chap just the other week gave away a car on this very forum. Poor you, because it's not going to happen again as sure as a cat is a hairy beast.
  5. Bassdemon

    Drummer wanted

    I did. Worked out well, so well in fact that one guitarist fled south, and Mark left to form Your Fears then join Weapon while I'm left to cry myself to sleep at night. Good times!
  6. Bassdemon

    Drummer wanted

    Does your band know you're out by yourself? Now go sit in the corner until someone comes to pick you up. Don't give me that look, you've done more than enough to deserve it. Drummers speaking their mind, talking about respect. What is the world coming to?
  7. Team America - Montage The hours approaching, just give it your best You've got to reach your prime. Thats when you need to put yourself to the test, And show us a passage of time, We're gonna need a montage (montage) Oh it takes a montage (montage) Show a lot of things happing at once, Remind everyone of whats going on (whats going on?) And with every shot you show a little improvement To show it all would take to long Thats called a montage (montage) Oh we want montage (montage) And anything that we want to go from just a beginner to a pro, You need a montage (montage) Even Rocky had a montage (montage) etc. I saw montage and couldn't help but think of this.
  8. In a slightly battered condition, rips to the covering really but they sound great. Looking for 100 for the pair. Will put up some picks if anyone wants to see them.
  9. PS2 slim with two controllers, two memory cards comes with the following games: Jak and Daxter Jak 2 Jak 3 God of War Dragon Quest VIII Final Fantasy X Prince of Persia: Sands of Time SSX 3 ...and I think thats it but there might be one or two more. 70 quid for the lot
  10. DFS style price cut for you. 50 quid for this monster couch.
  11. One big green corner group sofa. Easily sleeps three. Its comes in 4 "chunks" so you can set it up how you want. Possible delivery in aberdeen on the 31st of May or you can collect yourself. 80 of your british pounds or some other similar offer? I've also got two vintage 75W Marshall 'bass organ' cabs, a bit battered and worn but sound great. 60 each or 100 for the pair. Finally I have a gold premier drum kit. Bass drum, snare, two toms, two floor toms, hi-hat, double kick and cymbal stand with a cracked cymbal. So you're going to need a new cymbal set but it'd do for a practice/beginner. Used condition. 100 o.n.o Don't have pictures of the cabs of drums yet but I'll get some up soon.
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