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  1. Wow' date=' I guess you must be right...I mean how could I not have seen that causing gas canisters to explode on fires which were right next to a field of very closely packed tents was "a good laugh". I mean who cares that it only takes tents seconds to melt down and stick to the flesh of any innocent person who could be sleeping inside...or that the high flammability of tents could cause the whole field to go up in flames. How could anyone possibly find that scary? What a retard I must be for having thought that.

    And as for knocking down electricity lines and destroying the burger vans...doesn't that sound fun too? Being completely disrespectful to the people who put in all that effort setting up the festival for us and just causing them to raise ticket prices to cover the damage for next year.[/quote']

    I wasn't making fun of your point i was just expressing my opinion. i can see where your coming from though but it made for good entertainment and no one got injured as far as i know.Apart from the download security running over the tent opposite ours on a quad bike, they offered free food as a gesture of good will:popcorn: .

  2. I had a great weekend' date=' but reading the Download forum now it seems there were very violent riots, explosions, damage and clashes with police. I was in the Red camp site which was pretty quiet, and got a reasonably early night so i missed all of this...knowing it all happened is making me feel lucky to get away ok though, and seriously putting me off going back again :down: .[/quote']

    I such much of this first hand as i was in the blue campsite, it wasnt scary it was such a good laugh. People were pulling down electricty lines and throwing gas canisters onto fires. All you could see along the horizon was huge napalm like wooshes:love: . We camped next to a bin area and the next day it was all over the shop and the police had various clashes with a small gang that were basically destroying everything.

  3. Hey i went, not on the one-up bus however, mine left from good ol banff. I thought download was awesome, highlights included avenged sevenfold,deftones and tool. I though guns n'roses were brillant too and i really cannot understand the shitty reviews and comments iv heard about their performance. What i saw was the most excited crowd for the entire weekend with axel and co really giving a good show, fair enough there was that odd break inbetween songs but when they played they played well.

  4. Limp bizkit- the unspeakable truth volume 1( rather good, sound like RATM which is no bad thing)

    My Chemical Romance- three cheers for sweet revenge( fucking ace to say the least)

    This is menace- No end in sight( quite a good album, although the first half of the album is drastically better than the second half)

    From first till last- Dear diary, my teenage angst has a body count- Very emo, but okay considering i bought the album on the basis of hearing "ride the wings of pestaliance"

  5. thats what i wanna know!

    At the moment yes, but there is one in the development for the ps2 later this year. Although i must warn you that developers are strugling to port it over to the console and i think it mite get ditched. Which is a bit crap considering the series originated from the playstation.

    Then gay-ass nintendo go and buy the rights so they can now say its not a "kiddies" console really, we have resident evil look :rolleyes:

  6. Konami are making a fourth, hideo(director) clamied in an interview that he is perhaps making one more for a nintendo console.

    Save your game in mgs3 when ur in the prison cell and then load it back up. You get to play this really fucking cool mini game where you kill zombies with swords, plays like a completey new game.

  7. The game is ace, i actually quite liked the battle with the end. Although the fury and the boss battles were both better. I thought the game was way too short though, the CQC system was good but often quite hard to put into practice.More than often i would snipe or tranqualise the enemy to save the hassle of being caught.

    Best part has to be when snake gets a beating from volgin then gets payback

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