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  1. fucing decent, thats whats on my laptop.
  2. that first photo has been edited to fuck, no-ones got spots like that.
  3. ''It's great to hear something so original'' ERR IS IT FUCK! Paul Simon's Graceland anyone?
  4. This thread has just made me shite myself a little bit as I am moving in with a mutal friend and a complete random in the next couple of months. Tactically, I thought I should choose not to live with my best friends as I know we'd probably kill each other - too much of a good thing and all that. I'd rather fight with folk I don't give a fuck about, despite the fact they own the house...
  5. On my favourite forum, there is currently a thread of spoof movie titles, ie Catch Me If You McCann, etc. Wrong to laugh but, thats actually a joke of an idea.
  6. THE STREETS! the teenagers also. new dpt, mybe.
  7. Was Probably The Best $15 I Ever Spent.
  8. deece, am there. how much are tickets?
  9. Its a toss between Because Of The Times - Kings of leon ad shotter's nation - babyshambles. probs KOL tbh.
  10. My myspace has remained pretty much unchanged for 2 years, it was actually buzzin' back then. BEBO FO LYF.
  11. aww fantastic! any more scottish dates?
  12. shotters nation - babyshambles BEST BUY EVER. Its actually fantastic. Granted, its no 'Up the bracket', bu it pisses over all past babyshambles.
  13. gutted - perfect opportunity to make some much needed cash...
  14. We've had it since friday and ain't been turned off. If I hear Message In A Bottle one more time...
  15. Yes they are. Provided an excellent soundtrack to my staff night out Boys VS Girl dance-off.
  16. considering she is now a complete fuck up, its nae a bad chune for Britterz.
  17. Er sell them to me @ face value, and I'll ticket tout them on.
  18. what weekend is this? i bet I'm working, fucks sake. I know the events not all that good, but you can't beat sitting in a (sunny) park with your mates and some tinnies.
  19. ...bought my tickets today. Still no news on support?
  20. I'd take all of closest mates for 2 weeks all expenses paid holiday to Ibiza. Then I'd go to Thailand on my own, live it up and give some of the locals enough money for life. Then I'd meet everyone in that Koh Phugnan 'Full Moon Party'' for new year. I'd give a hell of a lot to my ma and papperz, then some more to the extended and the further extended lot. I'd pay all my mates though Uni. I'd buy myself some decent flats in London, Melbourne and Glasgow. Oh aye, and Dundee. Then I would save up and build one fucking ace dental surgery, with an awesome fish tank. And the rest would go in my bank, with me living off the interest for the rest of my life.
  21. I got mine about 8pm last night after about a 12 hour wait on the fucking shit ''online results' joke. Did okish, expected slightly higher grades but tbh I don't give two fucks as I got the grades for Uni. EYOY.
  22. I've just watched Beat Stevie in Aberdeen on Mike Skinner's blog - I am ashamed of myself for numerous reasons. Did anyone go to snafu? I'm gutted I ended up on the 50p drinks in priory instead.
  23. yeah, although thank fuck not last night. I had a good laugh at ''hagrid'' on union street instead.
  24. Yeash, ASDA is selling for 5 from 12.01 tonight - all the staff are dressed up as twats HAHHA. shame that spoiler thread got deleted I would have liked to have a read.
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