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  1. spent yesterday recovering from a horrific wednesday night in glasgow involving splashing about and nearly drowning in the arches.

    today went to stonehaven, walked to the castle and then had a chipper.

    now snafu, but gonna keep it fairly quiet.

    tomorrow laze about and watch hollyoaks omnibus. then staff night out.


  2. The event which makes me shit myself the most in that diving. Jesus Christ.

    Especially when its the ones where they start in a handstand and you can see them shaking.

  3. My most recent affair was ''If You Liked School..'' which I bought in Bangkok Airport for actually fuck all.

    The Cowdenbeath story actually made me piss myself as spent all last year living with a girl from there, who worked in La Ducat and whos ma worked in The Goth. Thats something I love about Welsh, everythings actually real, neebs.

    and yeah, to raise a point, how the fuck do the English/Australians and espec. those Americans get through a book like Trainspotting? I can just about manage it as it is.

  4. Was it just me or did anyone think the campsite was abit mair dodgy than usual? Folk getting stabbed on the sat night, heaps of resuscitations, defib etc and I'm absolutely adamet I saw someone dead on the sunday (policemen standing about writing, some lad in foil not moving and tape around him).

    Maybe I'm just getting older?

  5. Majority of Saturday wil be spent selling pro-plus and grooving in the Slam tent I think.

    Sunday for me is clash-tastic. I'd love to see Amy Winehouse but shes either not gonna turn up or be a wreck.

    Also wanna see the phonics, ian brown and primal scream and perhaps vampire weekend for curiosity.

    WTfs this relentless stage about?

  6. I have just been on STA website and as flights are quite frankly, cheap as fuck, I think I am going to bugger off there for a good few weeks with a friend in the summer.

    Anyone been? General Opinions?

    Is Bangkok not an appropriate place to visit alone?

    More to the point; The Ko-Phug-Nan Full Moon Parties?

  7. I fucking adore SMD, that ''I Believe'' is reaching its 70th play on my itunes. I got a real decent cheeky album free with NME last christmas, its fab as fuck.

    Went to see Erol Alkan 2 weeks back at Dundee Reading Rooms, one of the messiest nights of my life - only thing I remember him doing was and ACDC remix and that ol' Hot Chip's ''Boy from School''. However I do know that it was fucking ace.

    Kissy Sell Out's remix of the libs ''Ha Ha Wall''

    Benga and Coki's ''Night''

    Plenty of Switch, espec. ''This is Sick''.

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