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  1. Bought a Strymon Flanger when I got back from my Sun Sea and Shrapnel trip to Iraq on Thursday. From the little playtime I've had with it so far it's a great little addition to the lineup!
  2. Bump, would like this gone to a good home! I've got my eye on another Caparison!
  3. Wanting to sell my Washburn WM526 . I've come to the conclusion that Mahogany Set-Neck guitars aren't for me, and I'm missing my Caparison something fierce so want to get another one! The guitar that's for sale is a Washburn USA Custom WM526 with the Voodoo finish. 1 of 18 made. I've installed a set of Dimarzio Crunchlab/Liquifire pickups custom ordered in Green & Black in the guitar with a pair of Volumes that split the individual pickups down to single coils. Unfortunately in doing so I had to remove the battery box that was inside the rear control plate as the box wouldn't fit over the tappable pots. Pictures at http://www.photobucket.com/WM526CLLF and use the password: washburn to get in. Looking to get offers OVER £1000 or a Trade for a Caparison TAT, Dellinger, Applehorn or Horus. Don't mind HGS or FX versions of the Dellinger or Horus either.
  4. Think Asda & Tesco do as well, after a short google search.
  5. Woohoo, now the proud owner of a Providence Anadime Chorus!
  6. emg's are sold! Also got a ModTone aqua chorus for sale. I believe it's a True Bypass version of the Boss CE-2. £30 http://www.modtone-effects.com/Aqua-Chorus.html Video at the bottom
  7. EMG 81/85 set with Volume, Tone, 3 Way Gibson Style toggle & output jack - £110 It's not quick connect so you'll have to solder it back together yourself. Seymour Duncan Phatcat neck pickup - £30 Tom Anderson H3+ - £60 plenty of lead left on both of them. PM me if interested, cheers!
  8. Looking further I wish they'd taken stock of the extra option Blackbird Pedalboards do - the wah pocket. Means the Volume/Wah pedals sit completely flat, a nice touch I think. However to get a BBP to the right spec is the same price as a normal TT Board which I'd rather have. My Strat is in the building, love it!
  9. Is I love the fact the strap button is also the output jack. Had no idea that was the case! Fatboy is also rewiring an old beat up 1980's Japanese guitar I bought for next to nothing so I'll get pictures of that up when it's done. Leaving the body untouched but all the electrics are getting changed along with the pickups and knobs as it looked pretty boring before (no idea how it sounded as the electrics didn't work when I bought it!) Is that a blackmachine? Aww man, LOVE them! Is Doug still making these with a few years waiting time on them?
  10. Prymaxe & PGS are so bad for me it's unbelievable, however I've just found what looks to be a good quality pedalboard on Prymaxe for a decent price. Less than half of what a similar sized Trailer Trash would cost. Paid next week, once the garage bill is outta the way it will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine!
  11. FAO Gozu: http://www.prymaxevintage.com/categories/Effects/Bass-Pedals nyehehe
  12. If you want to have a spin of the Strymon BSR let me know & we can figure something out
  13. One of my friends stateside has tried the Pharaoh and didn't like it, just didn't "jive" with him. Particularly sad since he's called Pharaoh himself! I'd try a Drasp Modded L6 DL4 for delays - he'd be able to set it up specifically for bass I reckon with little hassle !
  14. That chkchkboom looks awesome btw! What's on your future "shopping list" of effects? I've got this lined up (hopefully!) Strymon Timeline EQD Rainbow Machine EHX HOG HBE Frostbite Flanger Blackout Effectors Whetstone Phaser Lastgasp Art Laboratories Cyber Psychic Filter WMD Geiger Counter Fuzz Boomerang III Looper Morley Bad Horsie II Wah CAE MC-403 PSU TrailerTrash 28" Pedalboard.
  15. Can't say I am Gozu, I'm on the esp boards & the general forum there is bad enough. A guy called Kayzer on there records lots of stuff on youtube under xtimehascomex & he's the WORST INFLUENCE EVAR. I've got the following: EVH Wah 80's EB Volume Pedal Providence Anadime Chorus ModTone Aqua Chorus MXR Carbon Copy Delay Lightfoot Labs Goatkeeper3 Tremolo EHX Freeze Strymon Bluesky Reverb (the shimmer mode puts an instant smile on your face the first time you hear it!) ISP Decimator Peterson Strobostomp MkI Can't think if I've got any more or not, oops!
  16. damn, too late to add this in to the edit. Gozu, I want to be your friend. I <3 Pedals too. Think you'd like the Goatkeeper Tremolo I have, super shiny with a built-in 4 Stage Sequencer. Need to play with it more though.
  17. Ha, it was me that sold the Chicklet. Ended up buying a Strymon BlueSky Reverb & the Malekko was surplus to requirements. Just bought a Providence Anadime Chorus - who fancies buying my ModTone AquaChorus for £30? Hopefully I'll be buying a TrailerTrash Pedalboard & CAE MC-403 PSU as soon as funds allow, fed up having to set them all up individually every time I want to use them!
  18. that's the first part of my "Gear Christmas" ordered - a Providence Anadime Chorus, lovely. All that's left is paying off the last of the Strat. Yaaaaaay
  19. You're forgetting the Starfall are HEADLINING the RGU Freshers thread.
  20. +1 to that, I'm intrigued by this now - rarely head into town any more and when I do it's "headphones in, music loud & walk with the head down" so never catch things like this at the best of times!
  21. Another guitarist here who could be interested - like Graham I've got lots of shiny pedals to play with!
  22. Vadim - I'm definitely keen to see your Capa's, used to have a TAT-I in Frozen Sky and I have total sellers remorse! The ESP MV240/R and Washburn WM526 Voodoo Customs are mine, the Godin and the Agile 8 string belong to my friends James and Paul respectively.
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